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One of the best features about WordPress is the way its been designed to make it as easy as possible for users to learn all the fiddly nobs and bits that extend the core features.  The ability to add plugins and themes has nearly all-ways been an important feature of WordPress.  In later versions this was polished even more enabling people to discover, upload and have one-click upgrades of plugins and themes from right within the back end.   Awesome!

However, by default, WordPress only enables the one-click automatic upgrade for plugins and themes hosted on the WordPress extend repository.  In efforts to make Organize Series as easy as possible for users I've spent some time investing in a way of enabling Automatic Upgrades for all add-ons released here even though they are not hosted on the WordPress Respository.  What does that mean?  That means that from version 2.2.6 of Organize Series and forward, any add ons that you purchase and download from this site will periodically check the home base and see if there's a new version released.  As long as certain criteria are met (see below), whenever there is a new version you will receive notification on your plugins page and will be able, with one click,  have your WordPress install download, unpack, install, and reactivate the new version of your add-on!  Easy peasy.

Some caveats:

  • In order for automatic upgrades to work, you will have to enter in your api_key in the new box that will show up on your Series Options page.  You can obtain your api_key via the profile box found in the right column on    If you don't have the api_key entered in on your WordPress backend then you will get a warning when a new version of the addon is available.
  • Automatic Upgrades require the Basic Support Package level of purchase in order to work (no matter what api_key you use).  Here's some further explanation on what the various package levels get you for Automatic Upgrades:
    • Single Addon Purchase:  no automatic upgrades.  Plugins will check with home base but you will get a notification that there is an update available but your api_key is invalid (you will be able to dismiss the notification so it doesn't bother you).
    • Basic Support Package: Automatic Upgrades on a single site for all addons you purchase.  Note that if you install one addon on one site and another one using the same api on another site then the second site will not have automatic upgrades enabled. This may change at some point, but for now that's the way it is.  Note also that the Basic Support package is a annual subscription, which means at the end of your year the automatic upgrades will cease to be available.
    • All-Addons Package: Automatic Upgrades are active for unlimited sites for all addons you purchase.  This is by far one of the best features of the All-Addons package (along with access to ALL addons that are released in the year of your subscription).  Note, that like the Basic Support package, at the end of your annual subscription the automatic upgrades feature will cease to be available.
    • Lifetime Membership: Automatic upgrades are active for unlimited sites as long as exists.  Period.  This is BY FAR, the best option for developers using Organize Series and any addons for their clients.  You can use your api_key in multiple sites without concern for it ever expiring and your client bugging you about the addon not updating anymore!

Hopefully that gives you a good overview of how automatic upgrades work.  Feel free to post any questions you have in the comments and I'll give a go at answering them!

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