Organize Series 2.2.1 Released

This is mainly a bug fix release:

  • Fixed series archive bug: When series_custom_base and series_toc_url were the same (as set on the series options page) then any links to specific series archive pages would load the series-toc page. With this fix it is possible to have both set as the same without any problems. (NOTE: After upgrading make sure to visit your series options page and make sure the custom_base and series_toc_url are set. If not you will have problems with your sites rss feeds.
  • Fixed scheduled post bug: This bug affected scheduled posts that were a part of a series that lost all series information when they transitioned to a published post.
  • Fixed draft and pending posts bug: This bug affected posts that were saved as a draft or pending and then later published. When published the "total parts in series" count would not increment.

Thanks to all of you who reported these bugs!

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