Organize Series 2.2.5 released

It seems that lately I've been doing weekly releases of Organize Series.  I'm hard at work trying to eliminate all the reported bugs to make this work the way you expect when you install it!  Thanks to all of you who have been letting me know about the glitches and bugs that show up!

In this release there are two bugs that have been fixed:

  • fix for scheduled posts not retaining a set series part number.  When users scheduled posts that were part of a series they were unable to have any number they entered for series part "stick".  Should work as expected now!
  • fix for "<<Manage Series" showing up in the browser title when a series archive page is displayed.  I've completely removed that text and now just the "Series: {series title} << {Blog Title}" is showing up.

As always, you can download the new version three ways:

  1. Using the automatic install/upgrade on your WordPress plugins page.
  2. Via the download link here on
  3. Via the Organize Series page on

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  1. Hi Darren,

    thany for allway replying so fast. After installing 2.2.5 I still had de »Mange Series« in front of my title on my series archieve pages. After diggin deeper, I found wpSEO to be resposible for that. It has a customizable format for startpages like: »titel – blogname«, that made the change. Switching it off gave me the “Series: {series title} << {Blog Title}” like it shold be. With AIO-SEO I don't run into that problem.
    Okay: Meta-title.descriptions still are not available.

    Here are some other ideas, that could make life easier for me:
    1. I always have to change «Series:« into »Serie:« (german) either in an po/mo file or directly in the orgSeries-setuo.php. I also have to remove the « («) there, which adds to the | sign many SEO plugins use for formatting the browser title.
    2. To show exerpts on full posts in my pagelines-theme, I still have to comment out: //add_filter('the_excerpt', 'add_series_meta_excerpt'); in orgSeries-setuo.php. after every update of Organize Series.

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