Organize Series and two add ons updated

More bugs surfaced folks.  I really dislike it when I don't have an absolutely perfect product released - but if it's a choice between not releasing anything OR getting things out then fixing quickly what's not working, I'll choose the latter.  Just a reminder folks, that when bugs are discovered and verified (especially for paid add ons), fixing the bug immediately becomes a priority and supersedes any other development work until fixed.  The RAID comes out!

Well, in this update:

  • Organize Series has a fix to the automatic upgrade framework that really only applies to users who have paid add ons installed and at least the Basic Support package (now at version 2.2.8).
  • Organize Series Grouping has a fix to a MAJOR bug that basically made the get_series_group_list() function inoperable.  HT to Tori for calling this in. There was also a deprecated function in there that I missed.  (now at version 1.5)
  • Organize Series AIO SEO also has a fix for a MAJOR bug that basically resulted in the <title> meta not working as expected.  (now at version 1.1)

How important are squashing bugs to me?  All the bugs mentioned above were reported, verified and fixed TODAY.  That's how important!  Thanks for using Organize Series folks - I'll work hard to keep it useful for you.


  1. I love your plugin.

    Here is a bug:

    It doesn’t appear to work with my theme (Calatropis).

    I can’t display the table of contents for the series (redirects to series #1).

    the /series/name-of-series link in the title bar redirects only to the first installment.

    the little single post “This is part x in the series x” seems to have lost the /series/ in the link.

    I don’t know enough to know if it is the theme, or it’s not playing nice with other plugins – I’m happy to correspond by email if you want.

    • Hi Chris,

      I’ve got Organize Series 2.2.8 running on three other sites and none of them are experiencing the issues you are describing so it doesn’t sound like a bug to me. Here’s some things you can check:

      1. Make sure your server is running PHP 5.2+. It’s required.
      2. Make sure your WordPress version is WordPress 3.0+, It’s required.
      3. Try using the Twenty Ten theme to see if the errors still persist. If not, then you know it’s a theme issue.
      4. Try disabling all other plugins except Organize Series and see if the errors still exist. If not, then it’s a plugin issue – enable your plugins one by one until things break again and you’ll know the plugin that conflicts with Organize Series
      5. Try deleting the Organize Series plugin from your server and reinstalling. Something may have gotten wrong the files when it was installed
      6. One other thing, make sure the “Series Table of Contents URL”, and “Series Custom Base” settings on the Series Options page aren’t blank.

      That should get you started with troubleshooting. I’d be happy to provide support beyond this but it will require purchase of the Basic Support package which will give you access to the private forums where I can troubleshoot further with you!

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