Organize Series Changelog

= 2.3.8 =

Major bug fix

  • Please update to this version if you are using 2.3.7 - this release fixes a major flaw with the addon updates backend for Organize Series addons.  This flaw resulted in significantly more pings to the OrganizeSeries website (and resulting processing on your site) than necessary.  The fix included with this release reduces the number of pings and restores efficiency.

= 2.3.7 =

compat with WordPress 3.2

  • Did a review of the plugin to make sure it's compatible with WordPress 3.2  Everything works as expected but I did make one minor javascript change to future proof against further jQuery update

= 2.3.6 =

Bugfixes and backend changes

  • OrganizeSeries addons are using a new framework I developed for automatic upgrades which are now served from Amazon S3 (reducing load on This affects the core plugin because some of the framework is included with the core.
  • New Organize Series API key field displayed for all users of Organize Series. If you have purchased an addon and at least the basic support purchased you will receive an API key that you enter in this field to enable automatic updates via the WordPress backend of purchased addons (which are not hosted on the WordPress repository).
  • changed the way the series_navigation templates work so the &lacquo and &racquo aren't hardcoded. In the process I made things more flexible...
  • %previous_post_custom% and %next_post_custom% tokens are now deprecated (however existing users of those tokens will still find they work - for painless upgrades).
  • %next_post% and %previous_post% tokens now take their values from the Custom Next Post Text field and the Custom Previous Post text field. If those fields are empty then the corresponding post titles are automatically added.
  • The "Custom Next Post Text" and "Custom previous navigation text" fields are now token enabled. Default settings show '%post_title% >>' and '<< %post_title%' for corresponding fields. The entire contents of these fields will still be linked to the next and previous post.

= 2.3.5 =

Note that Organize Series requirements have been bumped to WordPress 3.1 from WordPress 3.0. It should still work on WP3.0 but it will no longer be supported for versions prior to WP3.1.


  • fixed SSL error when Organize Series is used on a WordPress install using https:// ( props Scott Elkin )
  • Removed the hardcoded "<<" for the series_toc browser title. This leaves it up to the user to control the characters used via the "Series Table of Contents Title" field in the Series Options page
  • fixed scheduled, pending, and draft posts not updating the total parts in a series when being published. This bug has resurfaced various times with different versions of Organize Series. I think I nailed it's coffin shut this time!
  • The Organize Series news feed in the Series Options page was using a deprecated file in WordPress. It's now using the simple-pie class. Also of note is I changed the location of the news feed in the sidebar along with adding a plug to rate Organize Series on (if you're reading this, please help promote Organize Series by rating it or indicating it works for your WordPress version. Your help with this will help gain more users and in turn help with development incentive. Thanks!)
  • Image Uploader for Series Icons (via the "manage series" page) should now properly display the "Use as Series Image" button. If it still doesn't appear fixed, make sure you refresh your browser caches so the new javascript file gets loaded.

Minor New Feature

  • A settings link has been added to the Organize Series listing on the Plugins admin page. This makes it much easier to get to the Series Options page after activating/updating the plugin.

= 2.3.4 =


  • fix for series-toc-title not sticking for the page title on the series-toc page.
  • fixed php warnings on series-options page related to undefined/isset variables.
  • fixed a typo affecting automatic upgrades for Organize Series Addons.
  • fixed a few deprecated functions hooking into WordPress.

= 2.3.3 =


  • fixed bug where filtering the posts on the edit post screen excluding series did not return expected results
  • Also fixed the reported bug where site searches only returned results in series. Searches should work as expected.

= 2.3.2 =

Bugfix release

  • fixed typo with update routine that could affect some updates from earlier versions.
  • fixed wp_postlist_display() so if it's being used manually it respects the setting for auto_tag_toggle in the series_options page. (ht charles)
  • changed the required capability for viewing the series options page to 'manage_options' from the custom 'manage_series'. 'manage_series' capability was assigned to editors along with administrators. The options page should really be limited to administrators as usual.
  • fixed potential 401's happening with search engine robots on pages containing the series widget if the series_url was changed from the default 'series' via the series options page. (ht tang )
  • fixed a bug with get_series_posts() that in some cases results php errors.

= 2.3.1 =

Bugfix release

  • version 2.3 resulted in some problems in certain cases for people upgrading from an earlier version of Organize Series. This release should take care of that for those of you with the problems.
  • fix for potential function name collision with other plugins. (see report here)
  • removal of wphelp info since it is being discontinued.

= 2.3 =

Bugfixes and behind the scenes updates:

  • One of the major changes in this version of Organize Series is that the "series_part" custom field is now hidden when creating or editing a post. The series meta-box is still there, and series parts still use custom fields but I've taken advantage of a little known feature in WordPress to clean things up on that page.
  • This version brings in a couple more hooks and filters and also lays the groundwork in other areas for some more future addons planned for Organize Series.
  • This version also fixes some minor bugs and streamlines the way things work behind the scenes (especially the Quick-edit feature on the edit.php page).
  • Improved the usability of the "add new series" input in the series-meta box on the create/edit post screen. When adding a new series it will appear at the top of the list of series instead of at the bottom as before.
  • For those of you using template tags for custom implementation of Organize Series (i.e not having it automatically done via the series options) the following changes have been made that are important to take note of:
    • wp_postlist_count(): Previously you could just use wp_postlist_count() in the loop and get the number of posts in the series that a post belonged to without passing the series id (i.e. wp_postlist_count('39') where "39" is the id of the series)). Now if you can still have Organize Series to dynamically figure out the series id but to do it you need to do this -> wp_postlist_count(false,true);
    • wp_series_part(): Previously you could just use wp_series_part() in the loop and get the part the post was in a series that a post belonged to without including the series id (see how it worked for wp_postlist_count() above). Now, to do this you need to use the following format -> wp_series_part(0,0,true)
    • wp_series_nav(): Same changes as above two functions. To have the nav dynamically generated without knowing the series_id for the series a post belonged to, use the following format (leaving other options at defaults) -> wp_series_nav(null,true,false,false,true)
  • You can view all the specifics of the changes and cleanup that's been done via this changeset

= 2.2.9 =

Bugfix release AND full compatibility check with WordPress 3.1

  • Organize Series is fully compatible with the upcoming version 3.1 of WordPress.
  • Fixed a bug with the ajax form in the series meta box on the edit-post.php page. When creating a new series using the form the new series would be created BUT not automatically selected. Also you wouldn't be able to attach the post to the new series until the page was reloaded. This is fixed.
  • The Series dropdown in the SeriesTOC widget would not redirect to a series archive page when a series is selected (in certain cases). This has been fixed.
  • Some other bug fixes for certain cases where a "FATAL ERROR..." message would appear.
  • a naming convention change. On WordPress version prior to 3.1 you will see the name of the menu item for the Manage Series page as "Series". With WordPress 3.1 this will go back to "Manage Series" which is what it was prior to this release. The reason for the difference is I'm using a new parameter available for the taxonomy api (menu_name) so I can clean up what the General Taxonomy name is (from "Manage Series" to "Series"). This WILL affect any users who have localization files. If you start using Organize Series 2.2.9 with the 3.0 branch of WordPress make sure you revisit your translation files once you upgrade to WordPress 3.1 to make sure all the translations are correct.

= 2.2.8 =

minor bugfix (not a necessary update unless you are using any premium addons for Organize Series)

  • Automatic Upgrades framework for addons had a bug that surfaced in certain cases.

= 2.2.7 =

Some more bugfixes:

  • renamed a class related to the automatic plugin updates (for premium orgseries addons) that conflicted with another plugin.  I should've been more unique...  If you experienced errors when activating a newer version of any Organize Series addons, this was why.  You should be good to go with this update.
  • fixed a bug with the `get_series_link()` function that would produce an error if you didn't include a parameter.
  • some more minor cleanups of the readme.txt file.

= 2.2.6 =

  • some housekeeping and implementation of the framework to enable automatic updates for premium plugins.

= 2.2.5 =

  • fix for scheduled posts not retaining a set series part number.
  • fix for "<is displayed.  I've completely removed that text and now just the "Series: {series title} << {Blog Title}" is showing up.

= 2.2.4 =

Display Bug Fix

  • version 2.2.3 had a bug that affected the display of series icons on public facing side of your website. This has been fixed.

= 2.2.3 =

More bugfixes

  • made some fixes in the JavaScript for the quick-edit implementation so Organize Series plays nicely with other plugins that hook into the quick-edit.
  • fixed an incorrect path pointer that broke the series-options page for users with a custom WP_CONTENT_DIR set.
  • modified the function returning the series_icon_url so it works correctly for users with a custom WP_CONTENT_DIR and WP_CONTENT_PATH set.

= 2.2.2 =

Another bug fix release:

  • Fixed query bug:  When series archive pages were displayed, any widgets or other plugins querying posts (using $wp_query) on the page would not display expected posts (i.e. "Recent Posts" widget, Alikivia Sideposts, "Kates Gasis' Sideblog" plugin).  The custom joins/wheres/orderbys used by Organize Series are now isolated to only occur for the series posts being displayed.  Other queries on the page should be unaffected now.
  • Cleaned up errors shown by setting wp_debug as true in the wp-config.php file.
  • Introduced with 2.2.1 was a bug where get_seriestoc() would not return the correct permalink for the series toc in certain cases.  This is fixed in 2.2.2
  • Fixed conflict with wp-hide-posts plugin.

= 2.2.1=

This is mainly a bugfix release:

  • Fixed series archive bug: When series_custom_base and series_toc_url were the same (as set on the series options page) then any links to specific series archive pages would load the series-toc page. With this fix it is possible to have both set as the same without any problems. (NOTE: After upgrading make sure to visit your series options page and make sure the custom_base and series_toc_url are set. If not you will have problems with your sites rss feeds.
  • Fixed scheduled post bug: This bug affected scheduled posts that were a part of a series that lost all series information when they transitioned to a published post.
  • Fixed draft and pending posts bug: This bug affected posts that were saved as a draft or pending and then later published. When published the “total parts in series” count would not increment.

= 2.2 =

This version is a major update to the plugin and introduces big changes to the core code and structure of the plugin.  Care has been given to make the upgrade as seamless as possible for users of previous versions but you will definitely want to read over the changelog to see if there are any changes that will impact you.


  • The code has been rewritten and given a full review to make it as efficient and tidy as possible.
  • Everything has been looked at to ensure the plugin integrates as tightly as possible with the built-in custom taxonomy system provided by WordPress.  Some significant changes were introduced with WordPress 3.0 that made this tighter integration possible.
  • I've renamed some of the plugin files to keep the naming consistent and make it easier to find components of the plugin.
  • Organize Series Publisher has been unbundled from the core plugin and is offered as a separate download via the repository.  It is still free.  This unbundling is part of the new direction of releasing add-ons for Organize Series.
  • The code has been re-structured and given multiple new action and filter hooks for the easier implementation of "Add-ons" for extending the functionality of the core plugin.
  • The plugin now has it's own home on
  • Some more PHPDOCs have been added to the files to make it easier to track how things work and where things are (especially helpful for developers wanting to create addons for Organize Series)


  • {developer note} Core components of Organize Series have been moved to an Object model.  See the orgSeries class in orgSeries-setup.php.  Note that all the initial setup functions have been moved to this class and out of the orgSeries.php file.
  • {developer note} some files have been renamed/removed.  If you customized any Organize Series plugin files you will want to make note of the differences before upgrading.
  • {developer note} Organize Series settings (options) are now accessible via the $orgseries object.  $orgseries->settings.
  • {developer note} the options page completely utilizes the WordPress options/settings api.
  • {developer note} widgets now fully use the WordPress widget api.
  • {developer note} did a full review of the plugin files and updated any deprecated WordPress hooks/filters/functions to the current implementation.
  • {bug fix} A lot of the jQuery/JavaScript has been given a once over and this should fix the reported conflicts with plugins like the Admin DropDown Menu plugin by Ozh.
  • {bug fixes} There are numerous bug fixes and optimization done to the plugin since the last version.  For a full look at the changes check out the changeset.
  • {enhancement} Organize Series now incorporates the same look and feel for the "manage series" page as any of the built-in WordPress taxonomy management pages.  This includes the ability to "Quick-Edit" series information.
  • {enhancement} polished up the usage of the built-in WordPress image uploader/manager for associating images with series.
  • {enhancement} NEW template tag: `in_series($series_term)`  This function will check if the current post is in a given series OR if the post is in ANY series (when the series_id or series_slug isn't provided).  Will return true or false.
  • {enhancement} NEW template tag: `is_series_toc` This function will check to see if the displayed page is the series_toc page.  Helpful for in the cases when you want to do something custom in the header or footer or sidebar of a seriestoc page.

= 2.1.7 =

This version has been tested with WordPress 2.9 and all is in working order. Please use the new compatibility form for the Organize Series listing on WordPress/extend to indicate your results with using it.


  • Fixed a problem with having duplicate id selectors with the_series_title() outputs resulting in validation errors.  See the original report [here](
  • Fixed a bug resulting in Series Part numbering not propagating correctly through all posts in a series when editing a post that is part of a series.  See original report [here](
  • Fixed a bug where Series Meta for "the_content" was being displayed where the_excerpt was called.  See [here]( for original report.
  • Fixed the seriestoc template not being displayed when permalinks are off. Important: When permalinks are not enabled ".../?seriestoc=x" points to the series table of contents for all series. "x" can be any number.
  • get_series_link() has been updated to direct to the correct link depending on whether permalinks are enabled or not.

= 2.1.6 =

New Features

  • Just a small change that allows users to chooses whether or not the custom seriestoc URL will have a backlash after it or not.  Prior to this, Organize Series would always include the backslash even if it wasn't explicitly included via the Series Options page.

Major Fixes

  • There was some typos with the roles and capabilities array used with Organize Series that resulted in new users not being able to use the plugin.  If you got a "You do not have sufficient permissions" error, that is fixed now.

= 2.1.5 =

*New Features*

  • new function: get_series_ordered() - allows users to pull a list of series_ids, slugs, and names from the database ordered by whatever criteria they want. It returns an array of the data that the user will have to display as needed. (ht to [Amanda Giles]( for the initial code that I modified a bit). See the inline docs in the series-taxonomy.php file around line 192.
  • new bundled plugin: Organize Series Publisher - allows users to set a series as "unpublished" and all posts published to that series will be held back until the author decides to publish the series all at once.  Great for creating "issues".  This plugin is the result of me being hired by [Amanda Giles]( who graciously agreed to make this available to all of you!  This plugin must be activated after Organize Series is activated.
  • Users can now set a custom base for for series archive permalinks.  For instance, you can now change: "" to "".  The place to add the custom base is at the Series Options page.  By default it is set to /series/.
  • link to added to the Series Options Page.  I've partnered with for official support and anybody paying them for help with Organize Series will be helping to support me!  It's a great service for those times where you "*need help right now*"!  When contacting them, be sure to give my affiliate number: **14322**

*Major Fixes*

  • Fixed a validation issue reported [here]( due to some improper js code.
  • Posts saved as draft and then published will now show the correct number for "total posts in series".  Reported [here](
  • Fixed the problem where those with the "Editor" role were unable to manage series or change series options.  Reported [here](
  • Updated the layout/looks of the Organize Series Options page to better fit in with WordPress 2.8+

*Minor Fixes*

  • A couple of mixed localization tags
  • Changed the name of some menu items to better correspond with docs.  "Post Series" in the Edit posts menu has been changed to "Manage Series".
  • Changed the series filter dropdown on the edit posts page to show all series (not just series that have posts).  This is so if you have a series where all the posts are drafts, or pending, you can still view them filtered by series.
  • Also fixed some typos and minor bugs throughout the code.

= 2.1.2 =

*Major Fixes*

  • fixed problems that were happening with excerpts (I'm pretty sure I squashed this bug - if you notice differently please [add to this thread](
  • Series Feeds weren't working.  Now they are.

*Minor Fixes*

  • a couple of missed localization tags.

= 2.1.1 =

This is a recommended upgrade to fix a major bug listed below.

*Major Fixes*

  • fixed a bug that occurred when comments were added to a post that was part of a series.  When a comment was made the post would lose all series information.

*Minor Fixes*

  • a typo on the Organize Series Options page.

= 2.1 =

Organize Series version 2.1 is a significant update that introduces some new features and fixes many bugs introduced with many of the more recent WordPress updates.  Notice that this version *requires* WordPress 2.8.  I decided that it's becoming too time-consuming to keep making Organize Series backwards compatible.

*New Features*

  • Organize Series now uses the built-in media-uploader with WordPress for selecting and uploading images to use as Series Icons.  What's cool about this is you don't have to worry about where your images are being uploaded now.  When selecting images you click the "Insert into Post" button and this will assign the image as the icon for your series.
  • There are more visual cues for what image is selected and what image is the existing image when editing series.
  • Organize Series integrates fully with the "quick-edit" feature on the Manage->Posts page.  Now you can Add, remove or change series information quicker and easier than ever before!!
  • Made the plugin much more efficient with number of queries and code execution.
  • Added an option for customizing what series information is shown when `the_excerpt()` is used ( as opposed to `the_content()` )
  • Added a link to the series options page with the Organize Series listing on the WordPress plugin page.
  • On new installs of Organize Series there will now be a warning at the top of all WordPress admin pages that the Series Options page needs to be loaded to initialize the Organize Series settings.
  • Organize Series now provides the option for users to delete all Organize Series related data from their database when deleting Organize Series using the link on the WordPress plugins page.  This option can be set via the Series Options page.
  • The `latest_series()` widget and template tag now allows for more customization of what series information is displayed.  Now users have control over: How many series are displayed and how the list is ordered.  With this addition I've also changed the `latest_series()` templates via the series options page to allow for three settings -> latest series (tags before), latest series (inner tags), and latest series (tags after).  The Latest Series widget now has more options to select what the Latest Series widget outputs.  This was one of the most requested features and I'm glad to be able to implement it.
  • added an '`auto_tag_nav_toggle`' option to the Series Options page.  Auto-insertion of Series Navigation used to be controlled by the '`auto_tag_toggle`' option (which also determines whether series_meta information is outputted automatically).  Now you can control the output of the series navigation strip separately from the series meta information.
  • fixed the series default `$plugin_url` and `$plugin_path` so it works with symlinks (thanks to patch from  [Georg S. Adamsen]( )
  • Localized Organize Series.  Organize Series is now fully localized so translators can bring Organize Series to other languages.  Thanks to [Benjamin Lupu]( for his initial work on this. I welcome any other translators who'd like to contribute the translation of Organize Series into other languages!

*Major Fixes*

  • fixed `series_description()` bug that didn't return a series description
  • restructured some of the hooks/filters so they were called in more correct places.
  • WordPress 2.8 beefed up the custom taxonomy structure making it much easier for users to create custom taxonomies.  A side-effect for Organize Series is that this created an additional "Manage Series" link in the admin menu and an additional Series Meta Box on the Add/Write Posts page.  Organize Series 2.1 removes these additions to eliminate confusion.
  • Posts that are a part of a series will no longer lose their series related information when using the quick-edit or bulk-edit feature on the Manage->posts page.
  • Fixed the link on the series widget settings so it correctly directs to the Organize Series Options page.
  • fixed dropdown in series widget so it directs to proper page using new taxonomy link format AND is xhtml compliant (moved js to the head and out-of-body).
  • Fixed Organize Series so that scheduled posts added to a series will not lose their series information when reaching published date.
  • Reduced number of queries to database when the series-postlist is displayed on a post page belonging to a series.  There will no longer be additional queries for each post that is part of the same series (which quickly multiplied in series with a lot of posts belonging to it).
  • added more `wp_nonce` security to the backend. Think orgSeries is all covered now.
  • fix for `the_excerpt` stripping series meta tag html.
  • Eliminated excess code not needed for earlier versions of WordPress.

*Minor Fixes*

  • some fixes to `get_series_rss_link()` in orgSeries-rss.php to auto discover `series_id` for displayed post.
  • minor fixes for guessing the location of plugin files (orgSeries.php)
  • minor fix for `wp_series_nav()` (which sometimes didn't display the right series in order for "next" and "previous" links).
  • corrected some typo errors.
  • Some security fixes -> making sure all wp_queries use $wpdb->prepare.
  • All hard-coded wp-content references are corrected to call the WP-CONTENT definition allowing for WordPress installs that renamed their wp-content directory.
  • fix for series widget displaying "Other Posts that are part of this series" outside of single post pages and with posts that are not part of a series.
  • The title attribute in series links now uses the series name instead of series id and I've added an id attribute to the links using the series id.

= 2.0.8 =

Significant fixes and a couple minor new features. NOTE - this version was ONLY MADE POSSIBLE thanks to the many people who tested the development betas and reported on bugs.  Without their help, I wouldn't have got this version out the door.  Read through the comments on the [Organize Series feed]( to see all the people who contributed!

*New features*

  • * Added a new argument to the "wp_list_series" function - "number" which enables users to limit the number of series displayed
  • * Reworked the layout of Organize Series administration integration with WordPress so it "fits" with WordPress 2.7 - including showing "Series" in the Dashboard "Right Now" widget.
  • * Organize Series interface can be floated around and repositioned in the write/edit posts screen for WordPress 2.7
  • * moved the "Manage Series" menu item to the Posts submenu area for WP2.7 (previous versions stay in the same location)
  • *Minor*
  • * fixed an inconsistency with 'show_last_update'
  • * fixed some bugs with the atom feed (was an early update...not sure if it's still working correctly now)
  • * fixed the 'series_description' function (it wasn't working)
  • *Major*
  • * Organize Series will now work correctly with the post-revisions feature introduced with WordPress 2.6
  • * redid the plugin file locater code to allow for changes with the admin menu filters.
  • * redid the plugin file locater code to allow for users customizing the location of their wp-content folder
  • * redid all code referencing wp-config.php to allow for users customizing the location of their wp-config.php file (see for reference I used).
  • * Fixed posts that are a part of series but not published showing up in the series list on published posts that are part of a series-taxonomy
  • * Fixed a bug where custom navigation text set on the Series options page wasn't showing up correctly.
  • **2.0.7** - Contains the following fixes:


  • * Removal of extraneous html from series.php and seriestoc.php template files.
  • * Updated readme.txt for suggestion to copy customized `series.php` and `seriestoc.php` files to theme directory.
  • * Added missing `< /div >` to `seriestoc.php` file to fix "98%" of the typical default installations of this plugin.
  • * fixed a potential bug with the `get_series_toc()` function/template tag.
  • * Fixed a few spacing, code structure errors throughout the files.
  • * Changed the "title" attribute for the `get_series_toc()` link to something a bit more friendly.


  • * Fixed bug affecting installs of Organize Series on blogs with a subdirectory in their blog address (i.e. ``).  In these setups the Series Table of Contents page re-direct wouldn't work.  This bug also affected custom seriestoc urls set on the Series Options pages with a multiple slash structure (i.e. the default is `\series\`, but if you used `\series\seriestoc` it wouldn't work).  Many thanks to [Ken Carlson]( for his help in getting it fixed.
**2.0.6** - Fixes a pretty major bug with the custom rewrite/permalink structure for series archives.  This bug only shows up if you use certain prefixes to your custom permalinks such as `/archives/ of permalink`.  Hat tip to [Edward]( for the catch and fix.
**2.0.5** - Contains the following bug fixes:
* PHP error that was reported on the Manage Series page affecting certain installs.
* .rss validation warning for series archive feeds thanks to [this post](
* some typo fixes with readme.txt file
* updating readme.txt to reflect that Organize Series works with WordPress 2.5.1
**2.0.4** - This is a pretty significant changeset that fixes some things with the Series Table of Contents page:
*  Series Table of Contents page now returns the correct header ('200').  It was returning '400' before the fix. [see this thread](
*  NEW FEATURE:  You can now indicate what the browser title bar will say on Series Table of Contents page via the Series Option settings in your admin.  The default will be "Series Table of Contents Page"
*  Fixed a conflict with "All In One SEO Pack" plugin affecting Series Table of Contents Page.
* Thanks to [gnouros]( for detecting and testing my fixes of the above errors for me!
*  Shortened the "official" plugin name to "Organize Series" to match the directory in the svn repository - hopefully this will fix the indicator not showing up in your plugin list for when there's a new version of Organize Series out.  [See this post in the WP Support Forums](
**2.0.3** - Previous fix broke the ajax call for the add series on a fly (on write/edit posts pages).  This fixes that.
**2.0.2** - IMPORTANT FIX for where organize series broke submenu links on plugins that added their own topmenu.  Won't happen anymore.
**2.0.1** - some fixes so that changing the `SERIES_URL` definition in orgSeries.php actually works (you can use this to pick how you want the series-archive permalinks to look - important for avoiding conflicts with existing category permalinks...)

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