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What does Organize Series do?

It makes it easier for you to write a series of posts on your blog/website and have them automatically linked together.


Well, one of the best ways to build an audience on your blog/website is to write short posts about the same subject over a period of time rather than one long post.  There are numerous SEO benefits to this as well.  Organize Series takes the hassle out of managing the serial posts and you can just focus on writing.  Another way of saying this is, Organize Series takes the work out of organizing series so that you write more and your readers can EASILY follow along.

Can I customize the archive page for series?

You sure can!  Just create a file called `taxonomy-series.php` and copy the code from your themes `archive.php` file and use that as the basis for building out how the series archive page looks.  You'll also want to take a look at all the template tags you can use for series in the `orgSeries-template-tags.php` file.

But I want to customize the archive page for a single series, can I do that?

Yup.  Create a file named `taxonomy-series-{series-slug}.php` file and replace `{series-slug}` with the slug of your series and you'll be good to go!

Hang on, what I really want is to create a page that lists all the series available. You probably don't have that available do you?

Hey, I've got you covered there as well!  In the `organize-series` folder you'll see a file called `seriestoc.php`.  It's what gets loaded when you go to your series toc url (defaults at \series\ but you can change this on the series options page).  Chances are though it doesn't look great with your theme (the file included just gives you an idea of what you can put in the file). What you want to do is copy this file to your theme folder and then modify it to match your theme structure (see your themes archive page for an example).  You don't need to put any of the WordPress loop code in this file.

Wow there are sure a lot of features and ways of customizing the Organize Series plugin.  However I'm wondering can you put in ___________ feature?

Over the last couple of years I've received numerous requests for extra features for Organize Series and have done some custom development work for clients who have the resources to hire me to add stuff.  I simply have not had the time to write up all the features that people request without getting paid for it. Here's the thing though, there's been some really good ideas and I realize that not everyone is able to afford what it costs for custom development.  So I decided what I'd do is move to a pay-as-you-go model for new features.  I've created this website to host and sell all kinds of different add-ons to Organize Series that you can purchase and use along with the core plugin.  I've priced the add-ons at a low price so new features are more accessible to those of you who can't afford custom development work and yet still provides a way for me to get paid for the work I've done.  It's a win-win!!  You'll also want to check out the basic-support package available as well.
If you don't see an add-on that has the feature you want for Organize Series, write up a request here on the WordPress Support Forums (make sure you tag the post with organize-series) and I might just develop it as the next add-on!!

Sounds like you are going to be moving to a paid model for Organize Series...does that mean I'll eventually have to pay for all the goodness Organize Series offers?

Nope.  The CORE Organize Series plugin WILL ALWAYS REMAIN FREE.  The only thing that I'm charging for going forward is support and the add-ons.
This will also provide extra incentive for me to keep the core plugin rock'in for users and always up to date with the current version of WordPress.  I will also work hard at fixing any bugs etc. that get discovered.  The core plugin has EVERYTHING a user needs to organize series on their blog and that will never change (i.e. I won't remove features from the core).  However, from time to time there are users who want something extra (e.g. the ability to "group" series) and thats where add-ons come in.  From time to time I will release free add-ons as well, you'll want to bookmark this website so you'll catch the news when that happens.
Oh and one more thing.  Organize Series will always be GPL and so will ALL the add-ons that I write.  Just thought I'd put that in here.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free content management system. Simply put, it makes creating and maintaining websites super easy through an online interface. Once it’s installed on your domain and a web host, all you need is a computer with an internet connection to edit your website. If you know how to use Microsoft Word, then you can operate WordPress.  It's that simple.  You can read up more about WordPress over at

What is a Plugin?

A plugin is an "add on" for WordPress that brings a new feature to the way WordPress works.  Out of the box WordPress comes with everything you need for most websites.  However, sometimes you may want to do something differently or add stuff that WordPress doesn't do natively.  That's where plugins come in.  Organize Series is a plugin for WordPress.  All the Organize Series Addons are WordPress plugins as well with the only difference being that they require Organize Series in order to be activated.

What kind of Support comes with Organize Series?

Here are the various support options:

  1. Free Support Bug Fix reports for the core plugin, updates for new WordPress versions will always be maintained for free.  If you have a bug fix to report and don't have a basic support package you can write about it on the WordPress Support Forums.  With this level of support you have access to the basic setup documents on Organize Series for the Core plugin and all addons.  The Basic Setup series include: Installation instructions, Changelog, and FAQ.
  2. Basic Support Package - gives access to the basic setup docs, and all usage docs and tutorials for the Organize Series Core plugin.   Basic Support also gives you access to the direct email support where you can interact directly with the developer of Organize Series.  Basic Support also gives you access to Automatic Upgrades on one install of any purchased Addons.
  3. Addon Support - When you purchase an addon, you get access to all the setup, usage, and tutorial documents for the purchased Addon subscription.  If you don't have a Basic Support Package you do not get access to the direct email support and any bug reports will have to be submitted via the contact form on this site.
  4. Premium Support - Currently this is not a package available for purchase and is only offered via the contact form.   When  you make a premium support request (i.e. to integrate Organize Series with another plugin, to install Organize Series for you, or to do other custom coding work) we will contact you for more details and then will give you a quote if we have time available in our development schedule

What is your refund policy?

Because of the nature of our plugin and addons — which are digitally delivered and non-tangible goods — we cannot offer refunds or charge backs for purchases. Therefore, please read our FAQs and information about the plugin carefully before purchasing your plugin. You can send questions to us via our contact form if you would like clarification or have any questions, comments, or concerns before you make your purchase.

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