OrgSeries Publisher Installation

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Remember that Organize Series Publisher is an addon for Organize Series so you want to make sure Organize Series is activated first.  Once that is done:

  • You can either download the Organize Series Publisher file from here or you can use your builtin WordPress Plugin manager to search for and install Organize Series Publisher right from your WordPress Administration area (Organize Series Publisher is hosted on
  • Once it is downloaded/installed activate the plugin.
  • If you have any Series already created, they will default to the “Ignored” state which means all posts in that series are left in their current post status.
  • If you want to remove all posts in a Series from your site, you can “Unpublish” the Series through the Settings > Publish Series page. Likewise, if you want them to reappear on your site, you can “Publish” the series from the same screen.

That's it!  Enjoy 🙂

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