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What is this?

Organize Series Extra Tokens adds new %tokens% to the Organize Series Options page for customizing the various series templates there.

Umm…so of what use is that?

There are five new tokens in the initial release (more will be added as requests come in)

  • %series_slug% - which will output the slug of the series.
  • %series_id% - which will output the id of the series.
  • %post_author% - will output the author of the post.
  • %post_thumbnail% - if the post has a feature-image then that image will be displayed.
  • %post_date% - the date that a post was published

This gives the user of Organize Series many new options for further customization of various displays of series information.  For example, if you wanted to show the feature images of each post in a series post list you could use the %post_thumbnail% token to include it.

Is it hard to use?

Nope, if you are used to controlling the display of series information using the series options page then the new tokens will be easy as pie to use.  If however, you are just starting out you may want to read the Organize Series Options page documentation (requires the  Basic Support subscription to access) to learn all you need to know.

I’ve been waiting for something like this for a while but I’m not sure I’ll be able to figure out how to use it on my own…what can I do?

We recommend that you purchase the Basic Support package that we offer along with this addon.  With the Basic Support package you gain access to the forums where you will get excellent help with implementing the plugin on your site.

For more on our support and return policies go to the Organize Series FAQ page.

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  1. Dorothy McGovern

    •%series_slug% – which will output the slug of the series.

    Please send me a sample of how this is suppose to work.

    I added a slug for my series, but I don’t see it being used.

    Thank you

    • Hi Dorothy. The `%series_slug%` is a template token that is used within the fields found on the Organize Series options page in your install. The Extra Tokens add-on for Organize Series makes available these extra tokens for use on that page.

      As mentioned in the article, I recommend reading through the Organize Series Options page documentation

  2. Dorothy McGovern

    I changed my permalink settings to
    Custom Structure http://wptest.spitfirepm.com/%series_slug%/%postname%/

    and I entered a slug for each series

    Now my permalinks in each post look like:
    http://wptest.spitfirepm.com/%series_slug%/comments-tab when I expected http://wptest.spitfirepm.com/contacts/comments-tab and none of my series posts are available on the website – the permalinks do not resolve to a page.

    How do I fix this

    • Where are you changing your permalink structure? If you are doing this on the WordPress core permalinks settings page be aware that what you are doing is not supported by Organize Series. You’ll want to return your permalink structure to what you originally had.

      It’s not clear to me what it is you are attempting to do and more importantly why you want the series slug in your permalink structure. If you can clarify that I may be able to help you with the steps you need to take to accomplish what you want.

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