Another quick update

I hate doing this but on the heels of Organize Series 2.3.2 I've had to release an update the same day.  I missed a critical bug where the filter on the edit posts screen wouldn't work as it should.  Filtering for posts in a particular category that should have results returned didn't.  Also searches on both the backend and frontend of your website wouldn't work as expected.  I've fixed both bugs and all should be good to go now.

Sorry for the quick releases back to back folks. Organize Series 2.3.3 is available now.


  1. Search is working for me now. Good work, Darren.

  2. Hey Darren,

    Excellent. Question: Is there a way to remove (leave blank) the ‘Series Custom Base:’ so it’s accessible from instead of

    I tried leaving it blank, but then weirdly,all my blog posts return a 404 page not found error.


    • Hi Josh,
      No, the base is needed (it works the similar to the way categories and tags work).

  3. Thanks for the reply, Darren.

    Incredible plugin, nonetheless.

  4. Hi Darren – I just spotted an obscure and kind of unimportant bug, but thought I’d let you know about it anyway. I’ve just created a new custom post type, and I didn’t register any taxonomies for it since I didn’t anticipate needing any. However, on the custom post type posts page on the Dashboard, the series dropdown still appears as a filter option, though categories and tags do not. As I say, a minor thing, certainly not an annoyance, but whatever.

    • Hi Dave,
      Thanks for pointing this out. I’ll check into it and if it’s an easy fix I’ll include it in the next release currently scheduled for this weekend.

  5. camille

    is there a way to manage the « and » symbol in the post template ? I need to use » for previous post and it seems it shows automatically with next post.

    • I think you’re talking about the series navigation? You can modify it via the series navigation template on the series options page.

  6. camille

    I did change this but I cannot find any reference to « or ». Well, I will have another look to this.

  7. Just in the process of migrating a TON of content to use the Manage Series system, and noticed that the ‘bulk edit’ of posts doesn’t seem to include the Series in the list of options for bulk editing. Is this by design or a bug?

    Having a bulk editor for managing which series each post belongs to would be easily something that I could see as a worthwhile paid add on if you’re looking for suggestions ;}

    • This is something that is in the development queue but there are other things planned before it. Sorry but no ETA on when it will be available. Thanks for taking the time to suggest this though!

  8. C. Russell

    This is a great product but honestly I will have to find another solution. It would be great if I was setting up a new site, but this site is established and I have to deal with many older posts.

    There is no way I am opening up hundreds of posts and adding them one by one to a series.

    Would pay for Add-on and I bet many other people would also.

    • Keep in mind you CAN use the Quick Edit on the post screen to add posts to series. It is certainly quicker than loading the entire post editor.

      I understand the benefit a bulk editor will bring. However it’s much more complex to implement because thinking through how posts are ordered while bulk-editing is a big ux problem. Currently the bulk-editor bundled with WP does not allow you to differentiate between posts but just applies your changes to all the posts selected. So I could just have users select a series and then apply the parts by date, however that won’t work well for all users of Organize Series because the changes are immediate and they’d still have to go in and make changes when the ordering isn’t as expected.

      The best solution is to create a totally new bulk-edit interface for Organize Series and THAT’s what I don’t have a lot of time for at the moment. Preliminary plans have been made for it but there’s still no ETA.

  9. C. Russell

    Thanks for your quick response. Actually, even the ability to do it by date or by selected posts would be fine.

    You can’t please everyone.

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