Gershwin, meet Organize Series and friends

We've been looking forward to the release of WordPress 3.2 (Gershwin) for a while now and are excited that for the most part, the meet up with the Organize Series family went without a hitch.  However, there were just a couple of fixes made:

  • Organize Series core needed a minor javascript change to prevent any possible future failures with jQuery updates.  (for those who want to know I just replaced removeAttr with removeProp in the series.js file).  All Organize Series users should update to this release.
  • Organize Series Groups broke the quick-edit for the manage series page with the WP3.2 update.  It's fixed now.  Organize Series Groups users should update to the latest release.
All other addons have been checked through and are a-ok to go with Gershwin.  I didn't bother repackaging any of their files so you can just keep what you've got.  Organize Series publisher user's will see a version change on the WordPress extend repository but that's just so new users can be assured that it will work with WordPress 3.2 okay.
IMPORTANT NOTE:  WordPress 3.2 introduced dependency on PHP 5.2.4 or greater and MySQL 5.0.15 or greater.  Due to that change, going forward Organize Series will have those requirements as well (along with ONLY Organize Series running on  WordPress 3.2 being supported).
Nice getting acquainted Gershwin!

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