Organize Series 2.2.9 and Organize Series Grouping 1.6 released

I've done a pass of the Organize Series core and all the published addons to make sure things are compatible with the upcoming new WordPress version (3.1) and all looks good. When WordPress 3.1 is released you should have no problems with the current stable.

In the process I fixed some more bugs with the core (complete details in the changelog). Of note:

  • a problem with attaching posts to series when creating a series using the ajax form on the add post screen has been fixed.
  • in some cases the navigation dropdown option for series in the "Series TOC" widget wasn't working correctly.  That's been fixed.
  • props to Ricky  Buchanan for catching a problem with the series-toc.php file and child themes (his research provided the fix as well) - I love it when people contribute help like this!

With the new release of Organize Series Grouping comes some BIG changes with the structure of series groups:

  • when I first released Organize Series Grouping I thought that using the WordPress category taxonomy for series groups would work well enough.  I had been thinking things through the past month however and realized that it actually limits some of the things I can do down the road and can add to the potential confusion of using categories for series and categories for posts.  So what I've decided to do is migrate series groups to their own taxonomy.  This is strictly a structural move and on the front end it will seem if nothing has changed.  If you are an existing user of this addon, when you upgrade the plugin will automatically detect your existing series groups and migrate them to the new structure using the importer I built in.  You won't have to do anything to initiate this.  HOWEVER, I do strongly suggest you backup your database before doing the upgrade just in case.  If you have any problems, let me know, and I'll troubleshoot with you to get you up and running.
  • With the new structure change you will notice a new "Manage Series Groups" page for adding, editing, and deleting all your series groups.  Instead of a "posts" column on that page, there is a "series" column which will show you the number of series in that group.
  • Three other changes will become noticeable once you upgrade to WordPress 3.1.  On the "Manage Series Groups" page, the series count will be linked to the "Manage Series" page AND the displayed series will be filtered by the group you selected.  Also,  you will now be able to sort the groups displayed by the count of series by clicking on the series column (thanks to the new sortable hooks provided by scribu's work on WordPress 3.1).  Also, on the Manage Series page there will be a new drop down selection box that you can use to filter the series displayed by group.  This will make it much easier to view the series assigned to different groups.
  • This release creates the framework for more great stuff with Organize Series Groups down the road!

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