Organize Series 2.3.1 released

Hi folks.  This is a bug fix release that primarily came about because 2.3 didn't work very well for some of you.  Sorry.  I test as much as I can before sending something out in the wild but this one had a nasty little bug that I just didn't catch.  Fortunately, it doesn't do any permanent damage to your series but it did appear like it did.  Although this problem was reported by a few of you, I still wasn't able to reproduce the bug on any of my own sites.  However, thanks to good reporting and patience by a few great users I think I've come up with a fix that should take care of the bugs.  Without being able to reproduce this though I simply have to include it in this release and hope it works for those of you still experiencing the upgrade problems from version 2.3.

You can see the other two minor changes brought in with 2.3.1 here.


  1. Hi Darren. Finally got my courage up to try this upgrade (I had reverted to an earlier version after the problems with 2.3) and am happy to report that it works fine. Thank you.

    • Hey Dave,
      Thanks for letting me know about your success and sorry about the problems with 2.3 – sorry for the delay in posting a reply but I got Malaria on my recent trip to Africa and I’m still recovering.

      • Oy! That doesn’t sound good.

        I just spotted one little bug this morning: Organize Series seems to hijack the search function in the dashboard, on the posts page. No matter what term I search, it only turns up posts that happen to belong to a series. Fortunately, I have a custom Google search bar on the front of the site, so it doesn’t impact me too much, but it seems like something you might want to look into. Feel free to email me if you can’t reproduce this on your test sites.

        • Hi Dave,
          Thanks for reporting this. However, I’ve been unable to reproduce it on any of my sites.

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