Organize Series 2.3 released (and an add-on sneak preview)

Hey folks.  I've been hard at work improving Organize Series.  With this next release I've knocked away some more bugs and have done some  structural tweaking for future add ons.  Another (maybe minor) thing with this release is that the "series_part" custom field on the create/edit post page is now hidden.  I know, I know, most of you are going, "huh? so what?".  It's just one of those niggling things that makes for a cleaner create/edit post page.  See the comparison below:



The series_part custom field is still in the database (and is still the way Organize Series keeps track of series parts)'s just hidden. It helps make things cleaner because now there won't be duplication between the Series Part field in the Series Meta Box and the custom field input.

You can read up about all the changes in this release by heading on over here.

Now for a little bit of a tidbit for those of you who read this through right to the end.  If all goes well, in a couple of days I hope to release a BRAND NEW Organize Series Add on.  This is one that has been requested by a number of folks but I've never really had the desire to implement it early because of the work I knew was involved.  Well thanks to an individual (I'll tell you who when it's released) who just had to have this feature and was willing to contribute some moola towards its development this much requested feature is coming to Organize Series as an add on.  Incidentally, this is one of the reasons for the new version of Organize Series because I had to restructure the core to allow for the features coming.

I know what you're thinking, "Just cut to the chase.  What is it?".  It's magical (I just couldn't resist...sorry).  Well, hmm.. I don't really want to tell you, yet.  But I will show you this teaser screenshot - oh, and the code word is "multiple".  See if you can guess!


  1. Looks buggy, Darren. I just upgraded and lost both the series navigation and the numbering of posts in a series.

    • Have you tried deactivating and reactivating Organize Series as I mentioned below? If you can verify if that works or not I’d appreciate it.

  2. (And no, I’m not manually inserting template tags in my theme.)

  3. Try deactivating and then reactivating. There is a special “import” routine that needs to run and it gets triggered by the WordPress activation hook.

  4. After 2.3 upgrdae, sidebar “latest series” and series navigation failing… even I did Deactivate/Activate operation. Please fix asap.

    • Hi Rav,
      Sorry for the problems you are experiencing. This is something I’d like to fix for you but I’m unable to reproduce on my end (so can’t troubleshoot yet). However, your symptoms are exactly what would happen if the built-in (and supposed to be seamless) import routine works.

      Are you sure you’ve completely deactivated Organize Series using the plugin administration panel and then reactivated it?

      If yes, and it still doesn’t work then it is possible that you have another plugin that is interfering with the WordPress activation hook and is preventing the import routine from firing within Organize Series. You can verify this by deactivating other plugins and then do the deactivate/activate for Organize Series. Then you should be able to reactivate the other plugins again.

      Let me know if it works.

  5. I’ve done all this and it’s still completely borked. I guess I’ll try to go back to the previous vesion, if I can do that without losing all the dat in my database.

  6. O.K., that didn’t fix it either.

  7. Oh wait, I guess it is fixed, it’s just the cache showing me earlier results. Series archive pages are displaying again! What a relief. It’s scary how dependent on this plugin I’ve become.

    • whew, I’m glad it’s working fine for you Dave! I get caught forgetting about caching sometimes too lol!

  8. Tiebo Jacobs

    I have been using organise series for quiye some time now. I have contacted you for half a year ago because I got an error on the link to all the artcles within a serie. We couldn’t fix it, but I didn’t delete the plug in, for I had great faith it would get solved. Now it has and it already boosted the ammount of pages my visitors check ever time they visit. therefore I want to thank you for developping en keep it updated. Keep it up!

    Kindest regards,

    Tiebo Jacobs

  9. Hi,
    I’ve upgraded to 2.3 today and it break all my series. When i try to filter by series in admin view, series are empty. When i try to fastedit a post part of the series, there is no more number x part of y.
    And the Series Table of Contents URL (blog/series) doesnt work anymore, very boring because my menus are builded on these URL.
    I’ve try to clear WP cache and browser cache. Change nothing. Please help !

    • Hi there,
      Sorry for the problems. Make sure you follow these steps:
      1. Deactivate Organize Series.
      2. Reactivate it. (there is an important function that gets triggered with activation)
      3. Clear the WP Cache
      4. Visit the series options page (to regen the permalinks…shouldn’t have to do this but it’s a good step).

      Report back here and let me know if this works. If I get reports of this working then I’ll write up a post for other folks who may be experiencing the issues. I DID test this throughly before release on three blogs, each on a different server, and had no problems (I’m also running Organize Series on this site). I simply have not been able to reproduce this problem which makes it difficult to troubleshoot. Sorry for the difficulties 🙁

      • Thanks for your answer, but i’ve already done this 2 or 3 times, ans it doesn’t come back.
        In fact,series still exist in Articles/Series, with the right number of posts in each, but when i select the number,it says no post found.
        When i edit a post, these no part Number in the series box, and the personal field ‘series_part’ is still exist and visible.
        Can i rollback to the previous version 2.2.9? If i do this, do i need to restore WP-database ?

    • I just upgraded Organize Series on another live blog and it was one of the few times I was actually hoping something would break lol. But alas, this upgrade went smoothly as well. I’m still not able to reproduce the issue. Sorry. Please try the suggestions above and let me know if it works.

      Another question: When you upgraded Organize Series did you use the built-in installer within WordPress or did you FTP Organize Series to your server?

  10. I love this plugin. Unfortunately it’s currently broken for me too. I tried deactivating and activating, but no luck. I don’t have a cache folder to clear. Re the phpmyadmin task described, I didn’t se ea org_series_version table. Any other solutions?

  11. org_series_version is found in the wp_options table of your database. How familiar are you with using phpMyAdmin and navigating mySql?

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