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What is Organize Series Multiples?

It is an addon for Organize Series that provides the ability for authors to add posts to more than one series.  The core plugin only allows posts to be added to ONE series.  Multiples changes that.  Really it does.  You want to add that post to 5 series?  Go right ahead.

But won't that mess up the series part numbering?

Nope,  series parts will be correctly calculated for all posts in the series you add the new post too.  It's magical.  We've added some fairy dust to make sure that nothing get's broken while you're having fun trying to break things (*but sometimes our fairy intern doesn't add enough dust, if something breaks let us know and we'll replace the fairy).

What about the quick-edit on the edit.php page (for viewing the list of posts).  Can I still use it to add posts to series?

Yes. Yes. Yes.  AND, we've worked on the user interface so it makes sense.  As you can imagine, having this kind of power can be scary.  We made it not scary.

If I decide I don't like this addon can I go back to using just Organize Series without the addon?

Well, yes and no.  You can, but your posts will lose all their series information (because multiples significantly changes the data structure of series when activated).  You will have to re-associate your posts with series again (the series will still be there, just the post->series connections will be lost).

I heard this was something you were never going to do (create the possibility of adding posts to more than one series). Why did you do it?

At one point (I believe a long time ago) I did say that adding posts to more than one series won't happen.  I just didn't think it made sense (and still don't).  That's what categories (and now series groups) are for.  However, a certain individual named John Pinto just HAD to have this feature and was willing to pay me to create the addon.  He GRACIOUSLY agreed that it should be available to the rest of you, and so here we are.

Whoah, you've priced this higher than any of the other addons (like $20 dude!  really?) How come?

I'm trying to deter the casual user from buying it.  Really.  There's so much POWER packed in Organize Series multiples that it requires someone with the willingness to invest in it to use it.  Actually, Organize Series Multiples is REALLY easy to use.  It's priced the way it is because of the significant time investment it took to create it.  Not only did I create the addon, but I had to do quite a bit of work behind the scenes in the Organize Series Core plugin to make it work right.  Besides, we do have to feed the fairy from time to time... (fairy dust doesn't grow on trees you know)

Have any other questions?  Ask away  in the comments!  The really good ones will be updated in this post.

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  1. Jason Norberg

    Ok, so here is my set up: I have a website that displays projects within a series. Some projects are posted in multiple series. The user accesses these by means of a series index page. My dilema is that when a user navigates to a projects that is listed in multiple series it display multiple navigation links for each series that the project is in. My goal is to display only the links for the series that the user came from. So if the user is on the Series A index page and clicks Project 1 that is also listed in Series B, they will only see navigation for series A and not series B.

    Can this be done?

    • Hi Jason,
      It is possible but would require some coding/modification so that the referring URL can be used to determine what series to display. This is the kind of question I will work with a customer on in the support forums here on (available with the Basic Support Package).

  2. Vision Synergy

    Not sure what I’m doing wrong here. I installed the Multiples add-on. I entered my API key and updated the settings. I created a new post and tried to check the series boxes to add the post to two pre-existing series.


    I tried checking just one box. Nothing. I tried adding a new series and checking the box for that series alone. Nothing.

    Any help?

    • Hi there! Thanks for your purchase. Can you give me a little bit more info on your particular setup. I’m assuming you have the latest version of Organize Series Multiples because you just purchased it. What version of Organize Series core plugin are you running? What version of WordPress are you running?

      Also, the api-key is just to enable automatic updates which are only available if you’ve also purchased the Basic Support package.

      • Vision Synergy

        Re: API Key … thanks for clarifying. The plugin settings page says: “The API Key is for users who have purchased a Paid package and/or a commercial add-on.” I assumed that was true in my case and that I needed the key.

        Anyhow, re: versions …

        WP 3.5.1
        OS 2.4.4

        I have many other plugins running, but none that I added between the OSM upgrade.

        I installed the free OS plugin first. I created a few test posts and organized them into two series. Perfect. Worked as expected. Great plugin!

        I purchased the OSM add-on and installed it. I left all default settings (except adding the unnecessary API key).

        I then tried:

        1. Editing a previously-created post, already part of one series. On the post editing page, I saw the new “Series” options box. I tried checking both previously created series (with and without specific part numbers), with the expectation that updating the post would add the post to both series (either at the end of the series, or in sequence according to the part numbers). But after clicking the Update button, nothing changes. The series options simply revert back to how they were originally.

        2. Creating a new post, and adding to both previously created series. Same effect. Checking multiple series does nothing to the post, either in regular or quick edit mode.

        3. Creating a new series, and adding new and existing posts to the newly created series. Nothing. I cannot add any post to any series. Neither old posts nor new posts. Neither old series nor new series.

        Just wondering if I missed something here.

    • Vision Synergy

      Here’s what else I’ve done to test …

      1. Delete all posts and series.
      2. Deactivate & Delete both OSM add-on & OS plugin (including related data).
      3. Reinstall OS plugin from WP repository. Default settings. Reinstall OSM add-on.
      4. Manage series > create new series.
      5. Add new post, try to add to existing series (with and without part #).

      Nothing works. With OSM add-on cannot add any posts to series. Does not work.

      6. Delete all posts & series.
      7. Deactivate & delete OSM & OS (with all related data).
      8. Reinstall OS from WP repository, without OSM add-on.
      9. Manage series > create 2x new series.
      10. Add new posts. Add posts to series. Change part number sequences. No problems. Works as expected.

      OS plugin works.

      Something is wrong with the OSM add-on.

      • Thanks for the troubleshooting. This is definitely a weird issue and I can’t seem to reproduce this. Is this on a server I can access? If so, can you send me login credentials to your backend and I’ll see if I can spot the problem? You can use the contact form to send the credentials to me (just ignore the auto responder, I’ll get the email).

      • It turns out that the organize series multiples file hosted on this site was version 0.8 of the plugin even though its supposed to be 0.9. I must have missed uploading the correct package when the new version was released. Anyway I uploaded the correct package to your server and it seems to have fixed the issues you were having.

        • Vision Synergy

          Yes! Works perfectly! Exactly what I needed. Many many thanks. Above and beyond the call of duty. Much appreciated.

  3. Marcus Tibesar

    I purchased the Multiples add-on today and downloaded the plugin from your site.

    I then installed the Multiples add-on plugin.

    After activating the plugin it immediately wanted to update to ver 0.9.1

    After upgrading to 0.9.1 it shows an error:

    “The plugin organize-series-multiples/organize-series-multiples.php has been deactivated due to an error: Plugin file does not exist.”

    I then checked the plugins directory and sure enough the organize-series-multiples folder is gone and in its place is a folder named organizeseries.tmp

    Whats going on please?

    Thank you,


    • Hi Marcus,
      Sorry for the problems. There’s something going wrong with the update system at the moment. Currently 0.9.1 IS the most recent update. I had just bumped to 0.9.2 b/c when I released 0.9.1 initially I had the wrong archive package there. What’s happening is you’ll download the correct version which is 0.9.1 but then it triggers an update notice because our server is saying we have 0.9.2 available.

      So… delete that temp folder. Then reinstall 0.9.1 from the website, IGNORE any update notifications for 0.9.2. Sorry about that. I thought I had that fixed but I hadn’t.

      • Marcus Tibesar

        I re-downloaded the Multiples plugin.

        I deleted the .tmp folder.

        I installed the newly downloaded plugin and the version installed now is 0.9

        As instructed I will not install the 0.9.1 version.

        I’ll ignore the update message until you say its ok to upgrade.

        Thank you,


        • Is it now safe to install the ver 0.9.1 update?

          Or will it still change my folder name to .tmp and break the plugin?

          Thank you!

          • Hi Marcus,
            The version you have is the latest. The next version to watch for is 1.0, once it comes out then it should be safe to update.

  4. Marcus Tibesar

    To test the multiplicity, I assigned a Post (that had a photo with 4 people in it) to 4 series and it worked!

    We’ve been using the Organize Series plugin for two years now and, this is a real nice enhancement.

    Can’t wait to try out the Groupings plugin as well.

  5. Marcus Tibesar

    Yesterday (8/14/2013) I noticed the Organize Series Addon: Multiples update disappeared from my Admin panel. I had not installed this update because it would change my folder name and break my multiples series.

    Today (8/15/2013) I noticed it reappeared. I believe it is a different version. Should we now install this update?

    Update reads as follows:

    Organize Series Addon: Multiples
    You have version 0.9 installed. Update to 0.9.1
    Compatibility with WordPress 3.6: Unknown
    This is a minor version bump because the download file available was actually version 0.8 of the plugin rather than 0.9 as expected. After downloading you will see in your plugin library Organize Series Multiples is at version 0.9.

    • This is not a new update. I’ll announce when the new update is available via blogpost and it will be version 0.9.2

      It might have disappeared from your admin panel for a bit because when the update ping happened the update server was momentarily offline.

  6. Marcus Tibesar

    Thanks! Good to know.

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