Organize Series Multiples Released!

The day has arrived!  The Organize Series Multiples Addon is now available for purchase and download.  What is this addon?  Organize Series Multiples gives the ability for authors to add a post to more than one series.  Yeah, cool isn't it!

Here's a quick overview (you might want to check the Setup Notes as well)

Here's the changed layout for Organize Series Multiples on the edit.php page. Notice that the "filler" text has been condensed a bit.

Here's what the quick edit looks like for the addon. Notice that there is now a small text box next to each series for indicating the part the post is in the series. Alternate rows are also colored to make it easier to distinguish.

This is the new series meta box on the post form page. It's very easy to check off the multiple series you want the post to belong to (and indicate which part it is in the series)

Organize Series Multiples also takes care of correctly adding all the series information if you have the "autotags" feature of the core plugin active. However, do take note that things can appear a bit messy with the default styling. It'd be better to insert the template tags for series manually if you are using this addon so you can control the look a bit better.

One more thing:  Organize Series Multiples REQUIRES Organize Series 2.3 or greater in order to work.

Thanks to John Pinto, for sponsoring the development of this plugin.

Have fun!

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