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What is this?

Organize Series Shortcodes provides a set of WordPress "shortcodes" that provide users a way to easily insert various series information into their posts (or pages!).  (You can learn more about WordPress shortcodes here at the WordPress Codex).  To make it EVEN easier, this addon provides buttons for both the advanced mce editor on your "add/edit posts/pages" screen AND buttons for the HTML editor.  So, you don't even need to remember what the shortcodes are!

Can you provide more info on that?

Sure can!  Here we go...with the initial release there are five shortcodes available:

1. Add Organize Series "Series Post List Box"


shortcode: [series_post_list_box]

info: This shortcode enables you to insert a table of contents for a series wherever you want in a post (or a page!).  It is "smart" - which means if you use this shortcode (without any parameters) within a post that is part of a series, it will automatically output the series post list box for that post.



2. Add Organize Series "Post List Box"

shortcode: [post_list_box]

info: Returns a list of posts within an indicated series (or the list of posts for the series this post belongs to).



3. Add Organize Series Table of Contents

shortcode: [series_toc]

info: This is probably one of the most powerful shortcodes because of all the options you have.  This shortcode is used to output the table of contents for the series you have written.  What's cool about this is the amount of control over the series that are displayed.  Of course, this makes it easier than ever to setup a page on your site listing all the series you've written!

4. Organize Series Meta

shortcode: [series_meta] [/series_meta]

info: This outputs the series meta strip (default is series title, part number, number of posts in series), however you can also customize the output of this shortcode using the same %tokens% you used on the series options page!


5. Organize Series Navigation Strip

shortcode: [series_nav][/series_nav]

info: This outputs the series navigation strip used to smartly navigate through the various posts in a series.  Like the series meta shortcode, you can also customize the output here with the same %tokens% found in the series options page.

So there you have it!  5 AWESOME shortcodes right out of the gate.  Those who purchase this addon will gain access to even more detailed usage docs to give you all you need for unleashing the power of Organize Series Shortcodes.

I don't see something I'm looking for? Will you be adding any more shortcodes?

Actually there are plans to implement shortcodes for all other Organize Series addons (where suitable).  Of course, that requires the purchase of those addons (which is why the "All Addon" package is one of the best deals going!

What is your return policy?

For more on our support and return policies go to the Organize Series FAQ page


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  1. Just a quick question, if I have more than one series, do I use the name=”Series Name” tag within the shortcodes?

    Thanks. 🙂

    • Hi Amy,
      I’m uncertain the context of your request (i.e. what shortcode you’re using etc.) but you should be able to find what you need in the Shortcodes Usage docs.

      • Heh, I guess more info would have helped. That’s what I get for expecting you to read my mind. 😉

        Okay, I’d like to use the Series TOC, for example, on a page to link to folks.

        Could I, in this example, use [series_toc name="Series Name that Matches the Actual Series Category] and only display that series TOC?

        I’m using this plugin to organize a client’s products and posts make that easier (we HAD about 100 pages, and no way to organize them) and the Series plugin works beautifully for that.


      • Amy, what you are looking for is found in the document on this page. Your purchase of the addon allows you access to all the existing docs (and any new ones added during the duration of your subscription) but any additional support beyond what the docs provide comes with the purchase of the Basic Support subscription (where I will go into specific usage questions with you).

  2. I’ve been using Organize series for a while and some series have quite a few posts. The table of contents box interferes with the layout. You can see what I mean on this page.>/a>

    I’d like to add the table of contents to the bottom of the page. Makes much more sense there. I did a post twice on the WP forums but they got nowhere.

    I am using genesis. I am assuming I would turn off the automatic table of contents in settings and use the short code instead. How would I test for it conditionally, for instance,

    does this post have a series?
    if so, show table of contents for this series (short code)

    I want to be sure I can use this addon in this way before I buy. Can I test it conditionally or will the short code just be ignored? I cannot seem to find enough info to make a decision.

    • Hi Cindy,
      I saw your post in the WP forums but I don’t provide usage based support there because that is something included with the Basic Support subscription you can purchase here on (I do answer bug reports though).

      To answer your questions:

      • You CAN just use the core Organize Series plugin to move the table of contents to the bottom of your post. You do so via the Organize Series options page and the series-toc template there. The advantage of this method is you won’t have to remember to add a shortcode with every post that is part of the series. That will point you in the general direction but any further help requires the Basic Support subscription
      • You can also use Organize Series template tags and indicate in your theme files where you want the post-list to appear in posts that are part of a series. Again, I can show you how to do this with the basic-support subscription
      • Shortcodes Addon will also do what you want, and rather easily. However, with shortcodes, you have to remember to add the shortcode on every post that is a part of a series. It does provide fine control of various series elements in your post without having to dive into theme code however.

      I hope this helps you get some direction.

      • Darren,
        Thanks! That was enough to get me started. Never really dug into template tokens before. I got things rearranged so I can live with them now. I’ll buy the Basic Support Subscription when I am ready to dig into this further.


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