The update extravaganza – Organize Series and all addons updated.

I just pushed out an update for Organize Series and all paid addons.  A major reason for this update is to switch to a new framework for serving the automatic updates of the paid addons.  Some notes on this:

  • For this release only I've left the old upgrader scripts active so existing users can update their addons via the WordPress backend.
  • Future updates of all paid addons will require the Organize Series 2.3.6+ to work.  I suggest you upgrade to Organize Series 2.3.6 as soon as possible.
  • All future versions of the paid addons will be hosted on Amazon s3 that will give much more flexibility as Organize Series grows and keep this site from getting bogged down when a new release is put out.
  • Developers who have their own premium plugins.  The framework I've switched to is going to be released to the developer community sometime in the next couple of weeks.  Bookmark and keep watching there for release.  It will be a commercial plugin but trust me, your users will LOVE you for implementing it and it will decrease your workload in managing your premium plugin upgrades by a mile!  If you are a writer for a WordPress blog I'd be happy to give any interviews about it (get a scoop!), just use the contact form here to get in touch.

There is also a nice little update I added to Organize Series,  some notes:

  • changed the way the series_navigation templates work so the &lacquo and &racquo aren’t hardcoded. In the process I made things more flexible…
  • %previous_post_custom% and %next_post_custom% tokens are now deprecated (however existing users of those tokens will still find they work – for painless upgrades).
  • %next_post% and %previous_post% tokens now take their values from the Custom Next Post Text field and the Custom Previous Post text field. If those fields are empty then the corresponding post titles are automatically added.
  • The “Custom Next Post Text” and “Custom previous navigation text” fields are now token enabled. Default settings show ‘%post_title% >>’ and ‘<< %post_title%’ for corresponding fields. The entire contents of these fields will still be linked to the next and previous post.

Basically the above gives users of Organize Series more flexibility in controlling how the Series Navigation text appears (in response to many requests!).  This update comes after some lengthy time working on Plugin Update Engine (woops, let the name of the new update framework slip didn't I?) and now that the majority of it is ready to go I can get back to working on some new addons for Organize Series.

Hey folks, let me know what you think!


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