Faster? Hopefully…

Hey folks, I know has been running pretty slowly lately and I've shared your pain.  I guess it may be signs of growing pains (or maybe a bad host).  Nevertheless, in an attempt to improve things around here, we've jumped over to a different host and we're going to see if this makes a difference in loading speeds.

I know some of you have been hopping on here from around the world - I'd appreciate some feedback in the comments to let me know if things seem snappier for you.  Be as brutal as you need to be!  We want to get this site running great for you folks.

P.S.  This is just the tip of the iceberg for some changes around here.  We're hard at work on a complete site overhaul - hoping to get this released within a couple months.


  1. Any news abaut this? OS impact for 31% in loading of my pages, if “P3 – Plugin Performance Profiler” is correct… If it will not change, i will search an alternative plugin…

    • Hi Ettore,
      The P3 – Plugin Performance Profiler is a very useful tool (and I use it myself) however the “31%” is only part of the picture. That is in comparison to all other plugins on your website. For example, when I use P3 on this website, out of 40 plugins I use here, Organize Series accounts for 10% of the runtime (and it’s used extensively on the site.

      The number you really want to be looking at is how much it affects load time. In my case, P3 reveals that Organize Series adds .0634 seconds to the load time. The plugin affecting the load time the most on my site is the s2member framework which affects load time by .1321 seconds.

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