New versions and translators wanted!

It's been a while but we've got new versions of Organize Series and the addon stable out in the wild and available here on  We've gone through every plugin and knocked off bugs, fixed some behind the scenes stuff and made sure everything runs groovy with the latest version of WordPress (3.4.2).  While there aren't many new things showing up you will see a couple features show up in changelog below:

  • multiple php warnings, error notices were fixed.
  • fixed bug with add new button in Organize Series not working (on edit posts page)
  • properly escaped html on series navigation characters
  • in Series Options page, added in a link for helping with translating Organize Series.
  • NEW FEATURE: Added in an "orderby random" option for the Latest Series widget.
  • converted all variable language domain references to concrete string (proper usage).
  • fixed up some usage of deprecated wp functions.
  • using 

     instead of 


     in certain cases.

  • changed xlmns namespace for the "series" term from "" to ""
  • NEW FEATURE: Series part ordering now tracks unpublished posts in a series with helpful ui on the administration side. Coming in a future release we'll also provide a way for you to show readers all the planned posts in a series.

I just want to highlight a couple new features:

Orderby Random in Latest Series Widget:

This had been requested by a number different users.  Now, when setting up the Latest Series widget, you can choose to have the series listed in a random order every time a page is loaded that the widget is on.  Let's say you have a total of 10 series,  this feature allows you to have the list only show 3 series but every time a user visits a page they will see three random series from the 10 total series you have.  Pretty cool eh?  And it's super easy to use, just select "random" from the orderby drop down. You're welcome.

Tracking Unpublished Posts

Thanks to the efforts of a new guy on our team (announcement introducing him will come in the future), we have a brand new feature that was also requested.  It used to be that you could not have a draft, scheduled, or pending post in a series with a specific part and then when it's published it would keep that part and all existing parts in the series would automatically renumber.  There was also some funky stuff that would go on if you moved posts in and out of being published while they were part of a series (i.e  a post have something like "part 4 of 3" or something like that").  This has all been fixed (well we're pretty sure it is anyway).  Not only did we fix this but we laid the groundwork for another requested feature in the next release.

Now when you save a draft (or pending, or scheduled).  You can choose to have that post be a specific part in the series and the post will "remember" that.  Also, on the edit post page when viewing the information about series, posts that belong to the same series as your unpublished post will show something like "Part 1 of 3 (4)" where the number in brackets indicates the total posts in the series INCLUDING unpublished.  Very handy.  When an unpublished posts is published, it will retain it's set part and all the other posts in the series will renumber automatically.  Groovy.  Let us know how it works!

Oh, and we also made sure that Organize Series Multiples will still work well with this new formatting (and you'll see some slight changes to the ui there as well).

Because we like you...

Know what the best part about the new features we put in?  It's included with the core plugin.  So you don't have to be a user with a paid package in order to get the new features!  We try to be nice sometimes.

OH, and one more thing... we need TRANSLATORS!  Yup, a number of people have contacted me over the past year and have asked if they can contribute a translation to Organize Series.  While Organize Series has always had the code in place to allow for internationalization, we just haven't been in the position to make user translations easily available here on That's all changed.  Now all we need are some translators to help us get the ball rolling on helping our international users see Organize Series in their own language.  Can you help?  If so, go to the translator page and get started!


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