Organize Series and WP 3.4 [update]

As mentioned in the post I put up on the weekend, I'm doing a review of Organize Series core and all addons today to make sure everything runs swimmingly with WordPress 3.4.

I just wanted to post a quick update that it looks like there are no show stoppers and all the current versions of Organize Series and the addons will work fine with WordPress 3.4.  If you want to upgrade, go ahead and everything should work just fine.

However, I have uncovered and fixed some unrelated bugs and I have a few more bits and knobs I want to work on before releasing the next version so it may not get released today.  I just wanted to let you all know!


  1. I updated all my OS plugins and I’m having some problems.

    1) I get an error message when I try to update OS shortcodes plugin. I had to revert to the older version.

    2) My series archives are broken. I have 3 published series, and the first one is showing fewer than half of the articles associated with it, the second series is showing only one article when there are around 30, and the third series shows no articles when there are 40. In ‘manage series’ it shows that the articles are properly attributed, but they are suddenly not showing on the series category archive pages.

    Thanks for your consideration, Darren.

    • Hi Forrest,
      I’m looking into this now. You have Basic Support access. It helps if you post bug reports/usage help requests to the support forums. So I can do any needed communication with you there. Thanks.

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