WordPress Custom Post Type for Organize Series is here!!

Isn't it nice when something new shows up?  I like new things.  I like shiny things too.  Well new AND shiny is best.  Where was I, oh yes, I have some great news folks.  I know that an oft requested feature for Organize Series is to be able to use series with WordPress pages.  For some reason, some people just want to do their series over a bunch of pages instead of posts.  Weird eh (that's my Canadian in me coming out)... but you know what?  Why shouldn't you be able to do just that if you want?  Right?  So guess what now you can - with the brand spanking new Organize Series Custom Post Type Support addon (gotta love these long names right?).

This addon does one thing, and one thing well.  Make it possible to not only use Organize Series with WordPress pages but ALSO any custom post type you may have active on your blog that you want to use Organize Series with.  Yeah, groovy.  Make sure you visit the FAQ to read more about this neato addition to the Organize Series family.

Oh, and I should mention.  If you decide to purchase and use this addon, you'll need to make sure the Organize Series core plugin is up to date.  If you are a user of Organize Series Multiples, you'll need to make sure it's up to date as well.


  1. Jason Pelker

    Is seems like the grouping plugin doesn’t play so well with the custom post type plugin.

    Instead of creating new custom post taxonomy on the fly, the grouping plugin pulls *blog post* categories for its default groups.

    On the “manage series” page, the group meta box also doesn’t finish loading, either–probably due to an ajax issue: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/144582/Screenshots/73.png (notice all the white space at the bottom of the left hand admin menu?).


    • Hi Jason,
      It looks like there’s something else going on in your case. I’ve got the CPT addon and grouping addon installed and in use on multiple sites and I’m unable to reproduce the issues you are having. I suspect there is a conflict with another plugin you are using on your site. You can try deactivating all plugins except for the Organize Series plugins and see if you still get the issues. If it works then try reactivating your plugins one by one until you discover where the conflict is. If it isn’t a plugin conflict it could be a theme conflict.

      The grouping plugin pulling in blog post categories as its default groups is expected behaviour. It only happens on activation of the grouping addon. The categories can be deleted from the “Series Groups” page and they will stay in place for the blog post categories.

      • Jason Pelker

        The “Series Groups” tab only shows on “Posts”, despite the CPT addon being activated on a variety of custom post types.

        I would happily test your hypothesis myself, but testing this on a clean install wouldn’t give me any custom post types. Can you verify that groups work perfectly on custom post types? I’d love to see a screenshot of it in action. Thanks!

      • Series Groups applies only to series (regardless of what cpt series are associated with) . It may be somewhat misleading in that it’s found in the “Posts” menu I’ll have to think about setting up a Series top level menu item so there’s less confusion.

        Here’s a screenshot of my test install showing Series Groups in action on a set of series attached to a custom post type -> http://www.diigo.com/item/image/39n3s/ph0r

        In the screenshot you’ll see a lot of php warnings for the plugin GD-CPT-Tools plugin. it’s a great plugin to setup custom post types and taxonomies (and works great with Organize Series). You can use it along with a clean install to test Organize Series, Organize Series CPT, and Organize Series Groups with a custom post type – it’s what I used in testing.

        • The link I referenced before doesn’t show the original size for some reason try this one instead -> http://www.diigo.com/item/image/39n3s/6rwx

          • I network activated the Organize Series plugins using the Multisite functionality of WordPress.

            After testing the site with no plugins activated besides the Organize Series plugins, I determined that this causes several issues with the Grouping meta boxes (probably jQuery related).

            I recommend testing this yourself to confirm. In the meantime, I’ll only activate the Series plugins site-by-site.

          • Organize Series is not tested with WordPress multisite and is not fully compatible with with the network activation. I know some users have used with individual sites (i.e. non network) and it has worked fine. It is something on our feature list to make Organize Series fully multisite compatible but that is not the case currently.

  2. Also, I’m not seeing the Series info on the custom post type screen.

    What I mean is that the series will show on posts accurately, but not on the custom posts edit screen, no matter how many times I edit this information.




    • Again, I’m unable to reproduce this on any of my installs. This could be related to you having tried to use it network wide first and then site by site. There could be some database glitches as a result? If you have a backup of the database from before activating Organize Series (and custom post types) network wide you can try restoring to that backup and then only use orgnize series and organize series cpt per site.

      • Do you have more thorough deinstallation instructions?

        I’d like to remove your plugins from my database. If I need to do so manually, that’s fine.

        • On the series options page is a checkbox that you check to have all series information deleted when plugin is uninstalled. Check it, save the options and then deactivate and delete the plugins. That’s all you need to do.

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