Organize Series 2.4.4 released and updated addons

We just pushed out an updated version of Organize Series 2.4.4.  Three new features and numerous bugfixes went out with this release.  So what's new?

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the Jetpack plugin that caused the series-meta strip to disappear on single post pages when the Jetpack sharing module was enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where the Series icon (image) was not getting saved on the first save while creating a new series on the Manage series page.
  • Various minor compatibility fixes for WordPress 3.5 (and 3.5.1)
  • Various fixing up of PHP notice/warnings throughout the plugin. (8 fixes)
  • A problem with posts losing series information when saved within the Editorial Calendar plugin exposed an issue with how series information is saved with posts. This was fixed and will apply to any plugins that use `apply_filters('save_post')`


  • series-toc-pagingPaging on Series Table of Contents page: This is been a much requested feature and we're pleased to make it available. This release introduces a new option in the series options page for setting how many series are displayed in the table of contents. As well, we've released a new template function `series_toc_paginate()` that allows you to indicate where you want the pagination links displayed. You can see an example of the new function in the updated `seriestoc.php` file included with Organize Series. Note: if you are using permalinks, make sure you regenerate your permalinks either by saving the series options page or visiting the WordPress permalinks setting page and saving the permalinks. That will flush the wp_rewrite array and make sure paging works as expected.
  • other-posts-in-seriesAbility to change "Other Posts in Series..." text in Series TOC widget: This is another requested feature from users. Basically in the Series Table of Contents widget, you now have the ability to modify the text that is displayed in the widget when a single post belonging to a series is viewed. Some users have been using Organize Series for "Issues", or "Chapters" and this allows you to keep the language consistent.
  • series-style-optionsMore css styling options: Eventually we're going to have an addon available that allows you to style series elements in the backend. In the meantime, we've dropped in a couple of .css options for you to try with your theme. One is for dark themes, and one is for light themes, and then there remains the default one that has always been included with Organize Series. You can try out and select the new .css options via the Series Options page.

Translators:  There are some new strings for Organize Series Core - if you can visit our glotpress installation and update the translations that would be AWESOME!  Next week I'm planning on putting up a page that will enable users to download various translations that have been prepared AND give recognition to our contributors!


Organize Series Extra Tokens 0.8

We've released Organize Series Extra Tokens 0.8 as well.  Here's the update notes:

  • A new token available for series templates listed on the Organize Series Options page.  In Organize Series 2.4.3 we had released an update that enabled you to see your scheduled and draft posts belonging to series easier in the backend.  With this version of Organize Series Extra Tokens we've added the functionality for you to display unpublished posts belonging to a series in the front end!  Two new tokens and a new template field accompany this new feature.  "%unpublished_post_title%" and "%total_posts_in_series_with_unpub%" are the tokens and the "Series Post List Post Title (unpublished) Template:" is available for styling posts that are displayed.  This allows you to give readers a heads up on what new posts are coming for the series.

Organize Series Multiples 0.9

Just a couple things in this update:

  • Integrate a fix related to the "Editorial Calendar" issue as mentioned in the Organize Series 2.4.4 changelog
  • Fix a PHP notice/warning
  • Implemented a new feature that gives the ability to change the series short title for the addon (this is related to the widget update as noted in the Organize Series 2.4.4 changelog).

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