Important notice to Basic Support Package subscribers.

This is an important notice to all Organize Series users who are hold a basic support subscription (or other package that includes basic support).  To streamline our support offering we are no longer offering forum based support hosted on  Going forward, all support is offered via direct communication and while logged in to the website, you can access the form here to get started on letting us know of your support related issue.

Why the change?

  1. Usage of the forums was minimal.  We found that users initiated communication with us via our existing contact form and then we tried to redirect to the forums with most attempts at this resulting in poor feedback.  So we're listening!  Most Organize Series users seem to prefer support via email.
  2. We weren't planning on making the switch so soon, however a recent update to the website broke some of the connections we have with the old version of bbPress used to host our support forums.  Since this version is no longer maintained we felt it was more secure, and a better use of our time to make the switch now.

We're attempting to contact all basic support users directly, but we decided to make this post just in case we missed a few.


  1. Thank you. Is Organize Series 4.0 ready?

  2. Marcus Tibesar

    Hi Darren. Thanks for the update. Sure sounds reasonable to me!

    By the way I’m confused.

    My version of Organize Series is version 2.4.6

    Isn’t this the latest version???

    • I’m assuming you are confused by the reference to 4.0 in the previous comments. This is not referencing the Organize Series version but instead, WordPress. The commenter was asking if Organize Series is compatible with WordPress 4.0.

      • Marcus Tibesar

        Thanks so much Darren for the clarification and, thanks for all you do working on this wonderful plugin.

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