Core and Addon Updates – update before the WordPress 4.2 release!

A new version of Organize Series core has just been released (2.4.8) along with an update to the Organize Series Multiples add-on (1.1) and the Organize Series Grouping add-on (2.2.2).  These updates mostly contain minor fixes however I wanted to get them out now ahead of the WordPress 4.2 release.  WordPress 4.2 is introducing some changes to how their taxonomy system works and I've verified that all Organize Series add-ons are working great with the current code base of WordPress 4.2 (which is still in development).  However, there are a couple minor tweaks needed, so this is a proactive release to make sure users will have the same quality experience with Organize Series they are used to when WordPress 4.2 ships.

I do test things carefully, but as always, I'm unable to account for every possible usage of this plugin family out in the wild, so if after upgrading please get in touch with me with any issues you encounter and I'll try to get fixed as soon as possible.

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