Updates… (the “whatcha still doing there PHP4?” update)

I just released updates for the following Organize Series plugins:

  • Organize Series Core
  • Organize Series Multiples
  • Organize Series Shortcodes

For all the above plugins the primary reason for the update is changing the usage of PHP4 type constructors to PHP5 type constructors.  For most users of Organize Series this means nothing.  But for  those of you rocking PHP7, well this ensures Organize Series will work okay.

Also WordPress 4.3 is adding deprecated notices for any usages of PHP4 constructors it detects (when


is turned on),  so this ensures OS doesn't trigger these warnings.

Organize Series core also fixes a lingering css file that wasn't enqueued properly.

Sorry, no real goodies and/or bug-fixes with this release folks.

One comment

  1. Thank you very much Darren for keeping this invaluable plugin up-to-date!

    It is most appreciated.


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