Important News: What’s ahead for Organize Series?

Hi folks, its been a while since I posted anything substantial around here.  It's been a busy time for me between client projects and various personal projects in the WordPress world and as a result I haven't devoted a significant amount of time to Organize Series.  There was even a brief period in 2016 where I considered selling all assets related to Organize Series but I was unable to find a buyer I was comfortable selling to.  Fast forward to today and I'm excited to let you know that about two months ago I began working in earnest on building a new site to host the Organize Series plugins and showcase/sell all the related add-ons and support.  I've also begun work behind the scenes on a massive code overhaul of the main core plugin and add-ons (along with mapping out some new add-ons).

Why Now?

Organize Series is the plugin that first got me on the path to working in development full-time.  I have a lot to be thankful for with this little plugin and it's come a long way.  It's hard to believe that while Organize Series as a plugin has been around longer, this website has been around for over 7 years!  That's a looong time.   I recently evaluated all the things I'm involved in and couldn't shake the feeling that Organize Series could do better and slowly but surely I started to get excited again about working on this part of my world.  So here we are.

What's Happening and When?

A few things will be changing.  In the short-term (sometime within the next month):

  • Totally new website design that will present Organize Series and its family of add-ons in a much more modern and up to date style.
  • Revamp of the e-commerce end of things so that my customer's will have a much easier time navigating, purchasing, and maintaining their accounts with us.  I'll be introducing auto-renewals as well for the products so it helps introduce a more consistent revenue stream.  All customers will have their own account page where they can see all the products they have access to and manage their invoices etc much more easily.

A little further out (three - six months):

  • Releasing a brand new updated Organize Series core plugin with mostly under the hood changes but should also have some changes to settings layout (making it easier to find and change things)
  • Updating all existing add-ons to work with new Organize Series core code base plus hopefully adding a few enhancements.
  • Introducing one or two new add-ons.

How will this impact my existing customers?

I'll be sending out more details to existing customers via email in the coming weeks before I go live but for the most part:

  • Prices are going up.  I haven't done a price change in 7 years.  Increasing the prices will go a long way to keeping Organize Series sustainable and fuel the momentum with the planned changes for the coming year.  If all goes well, I hope to be able to bring on someone to help me with supporting customers.
  • All existing packages were always only valid for one year however the current licensing system is a bit flawed so most of my existing customers have retained access far longer than they originally paid for.  If you fall into that group when the new site launches you will lose access.
  • Any customers on a up-to-date package/license, will be converted to one of the new packages/license for one year from the date of the new site going live at no extra cost. This is a way of thanking you for being a customer.  However at renewal time one year later, the new rates will apply.
  • Lifetime customers will be grandfathered in and will keep their lifetime license on everything.  If there was ever a time to get a lifetime license, now is the time because the lifetime license option will disappear when I launch.

There will be more news sent out to all my current customers via email within the next couple of weeks but I just wanted to get this post up a head of time to start the ball rolling and give everyone opportunity to ask questions in the comments so I can help clarify here and via the emails before the changes start happening.

Thanks all of you who are my customers for sticking with me over the years.  I hope to continue to bring value to everything you build and publish using Organize Series!

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  1. Darren – congratulations amigo! I’ve been waiting to hear all of this for a years now! I feel you’ve not monetized your plugins and now it’s sounds like you’ve a great plan. Your announcement made my day!

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