NOTE: Organize Series requires WordPress 3.3+, PHP 5.2+, MySQL 4.1.2+ to work properly. Also take note that Organize Series is not fully compatible with WordPress multisite

Organize Series is a popular (downloaded 124,931 times!) plugin for WordPress that makes creating and managing series of posts in WordPress REALLY easy.  Some of the ways in which it's been used:

  • setting up a tutorial series for a business.
  • Organizing digital magazine publication by year and issue.
  • Posting Books online using Organize Series to manage the chapters
  • Churches posting sermon series online.
  • And of course breaking long articles into a series of posts.

What are the benefits of using Organize Series?

  • Helps SEO because Organize Series presents topics/posts in a logical and easy way for search engines to crawl and index.
  • Improves page views.  People will click through to continue reading a series because Organize Series makes it easy for them to do so.
  • Eliminates a huge amount of time in setting up series on your website.  Get rid of manually inserting other posts (and their links) in your post content.  Let Organize Series take care of it for you!
  • Easy customization – control how you want Organize Series to look on your WordPress website with the powerful included options page.
  • Developer friendly.  Organize Series has a lot of hooks and filters that you can use to customize it for your clients.  This is a GREAT plugin to include in your toolbox as you develop for clients.
  • The core plugin is FREE!  You can download it on the WordPress repository.
  • There are 6+  great ADDONS available for Organize Series and more being added which extend the capabilities of Organize Series beyond the core plugin.

Integration with WordPress Taxonomy system:

Beginning with version 2.3, WordPress introduced a database and core change that resulted in a new taxomony system. WordPress 3.0 expanded this taxonomy system even more. The core WordPress has two taxonomies – “categories” and “tags”. Organize Series introduces a new taxomony “series”. Thanks to the rich api provided to plugin authors Organize Series takes advantage of (as much as possible) the built-in WP goodness! As an added bonus – plugin developers can expand on what Organize Series offers by interacting with the new series taxonomy and the built-in filters/hooks.

More "organize" for taking care of your series.

Manage Series Page A “Manage Series” page. Add, delete, edit all your series on one handy dandy page. Has all the same functions as the “Manage Tags” page. Organize Series makes it easy to keep track of all the series you are writing.
Edit series on the edit posts page. Integration with the Manage->Posts page. Now it’s easier than ever to keep track of what posts have been added to series in a familiar setting. Even better, you can also filter the post list by series (and in combination with other filters in WP 2.5) giving you a quick way to see all the posts you’ve already added to the series. Organize Series also fully integrates with the quick-edit feature of WordPress!
You can easily upload and choose images to use as series “icons” for your series via the built-in WordPress Media-Uploader.
Series Box on New/Edit Post Page When you go to add a new post (or edit an existing one) you'll notice that there's a handy Series box right on the same page. You can easily add a post to an existing series and indicate what part you want it to be (or leave the part field blank to have the plugin automatically append the post to the end of the series). The cool thing about the way series parts work is if you want to insert a new post as part 2 in a three part series you can do that and the plugin will take care of renumbering the other posts in that series. Another feature with this box is you can add a new series on the fly while creating a new post
See how many series you have at a glance right on your dashboard. The little things matter. You can see series information right in the dashboard all linked to the series management page.
The Series Options page is one of the most powerful features of Organize Series. It gives you the ability to customize the output of nearly every built-in feature for how your series are displayed on the front-end. If you know a little html and .css you can control the output without ever having to go into any of the WordPress theme files.
Series Post Meta Right out of the box, after activating the plugin and assigning posts to series the series meta box will be automatically added to posts that are a part of a series. Of course you can modify how this meta box appears using the template for it in the Series Options Page.
Series Navigation Strip Another feature that will work right out of the box is the handy Series Navigation strip. No more having to manually add a way for people to navigate to other posts in the series. The navigation strip will automatically populate through all posts in a series and update when you add more posts to a series. It too can be customized further on the series options page
Series Postlist Box Yet another feature that works out of the box is the "post list box". It will output a list of all the posts in a series and serves as a "table of contents" when a reader is viewing a particular post in the series. It too, can be customized via the series options page
Series Table of Contents Page Organize Series also provides a template for a page that lists all the series on your site. It's a great way to provide an overview for your readers of the different series they can read through.
Series Archive Page Organize Series also makes available a series archive page provided whenever a reader clicks a series title. The archive page can be customized as well so you can control what gets displayed on it. You are also able to control how the posts are listed on the archive page and in what order (eg by date, or part number).
WIDGETS! Yes, organize series offers two widgets to users. There is the default series widget that can be set to display series in a dropdown or a list format. If the option is selected, this widget will also display the list of posts in a series when you are on a page that displays a post in a series (great if you want the postlist to be in the sidebar instead of in the midst of the post content). The second widget is for displaying "latest series" and gives you options for choosing how series are displayed in this widget (eg. you could just have the images for each series displayed with no text).

and so much more...make sure you check out all the setup docs by going here.