Sorry, but the section of the website you tried to reach requires at least the Basic Support package to access (or if a relevant addon purchase if it was a usage doc). You can find details about this package below. If you've already purchased the package please make sure you have logged in.



  • FREE
  • full featured with everything you need to write and manage series on your blog/website.
  • kept up to date with new versions of WordPress
  • monitoring of WordPress support forums for bug reports.



  • Extends the features of Organize Series.
  • Access to purchased add-on documents on (usage/installation)
  • includes all updates to the purchased add-on in the subscription year.
  • Pick and choose which add-ons you want to buy.

Basic Support


  • Access to basic support via email.
  • Access to all the tutorials I post on how to use Organize Series (installation, customization etc.).
  • Automatic Upgrades for addons on a single website



  • Access to ALL the Organize Series add-ons.
  • Basic Support
  • Access to all add-on docs
  • Access to any new add-ons released and updates in the subscription yr.
  • Automatic Upgrades for unlimited sites during subscription yr.



  • One Time fee (no need for annual renewal)
  • Basic Support
  • Access to all current and future add-ons
  • Access to all add-on documents on
  • Guaranteed as long as exists.
  • Automatic Upgrades for unlimited sites.