Organize Series Grouping Setup Series

This series covers setting up the Organize Series Grouping AddOn

OrgSeries Grouping Installation

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Remember that Organize Series Grouping is an addon for Organize Series so you want to make sure Organize Series is activated first.  Once that is done: Once you've downloaded the archive file from here you can use your builtin WordPress Plugin manager to upload and install the plugin right from your WordPress Administration area Once it is...

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OrgSeries Grouping Changelog

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= 2.2 = ensure compatibility with WordPress 3.2 Fixed Filter dropdown not listing groups in the manage_series screen -switched usage of jquery .live() to .on() b/c .live() is deprecated in jquery 1.7 = 2.1 = WordPress 3.2 compat and bugfix In doing a review for WordPress 3.2 compatibility it was noticed that the "quick edit" feature on the manage-series page...

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Organize Series Grouping FAQ

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Organize Series Grouping Setup

What is this? Organize Series groups posts together in series.  Organize Series Grouping gives the ability to put series together in groups! of what use is that? One of the common case uses I've heard from people requesting this feature is the following:  Say you are using your blog to write a book over a bunch of posts.  The posts in each series...

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