Organize Series Publisher Setup Series

This series covers installation and initial setup of the Organize Series Publisher addon.

OrgSeries Publisher Installation

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Remember that Organize Series Publisher is an addon for Organize Series so you want to make sure Organize Series is activated first.  Once that is done: You can either download the Organize Series Publisher file from here or you can use your builtin WordPress Plugin manager to search for and install Organize Series Publisher right from your WordPress...

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OrgSeries Publisher Changelog

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=2.2.1= removed/updated deprecated functions and general cleanup. = 2.2 = - Organize Series Publisher is removed from being bundled with Organize Series and is released as it's own download on - modifications made to the plugin for hosting on - modifications made for working with Organize Series...

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OrgSeries Publisher FAQ

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Organize Series Publisher Setup

**Why would I want to use this plugin?** The main feature is the ability for a editor to easily publish a series of posts all at once rather than holding back a series from publishing and then having to publish each post individually when it's time to publish. For answers regarding support options etc. go to the FAQ for Organize...

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