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Organize Series Icons (images) not saving… read on…

Update (November 18, 2013):  See this comment below regarding changes that were introduced with Organize Series 2.4.6 and the new steps to fix.

It has come to our attention that a small number of customers are having problems with Organize Series not saving their icons when attaching images to series via the Manage Series page.  For the few customers where this has happened we’ve localized the problem to one of the two issues.

  1. A table has been created in their database with the name “orgseriesicons” and not “orgSeriesIcons” (which is what organize series expects).
  2. An ADDITIONAL table has been created in their database with the name “organizeseriesicons” and the original “orgSeriesIcons” is still present.

The problem stems from a decision made a LOOONG time ago back in the early years of Organize Series to name the table holding the icons as “orgSeriesIcons” and using CamelCase in mySQL table names is generally a “nono”.

We’re currently working on a fix to the table name for an upcoming release.  However, for those users comfortable with directly manipulating your database through a tool such as phpmyadmin (AND who need a fix immediately!):

  1. If you have two tables with for the icons as described above, rename the one named “orgseriesicons” to something like “orgseriesiconsold” and then see if your series icons save correctly at that point.  If they do then you can safely delete the temporary renamed table.
  2. If you have only ONE table for the icons named “orgseriesicons” then rename it to “orgseriesiconsold” and then rename again to “orgSeriesIcons”.  Test and see if your series icons save correctly at that point.

If the above does not work then please report back here so I know those steps don’t work for certain db setups.  THEN what you can do is search through all the organizeseries files and replace all instances of the text “orgSeriesIcons” with “orgseriesicons”, then deactivate and reactivate Organize Series and things should be fixed.

For the few users experiencing this issue, I apologize for the trouble, we’re hoping to get a release with a fix out before the end of the weekend.

By Darren

My name is Darren Ethier. I’m the father of four children and husband of the most beautiful woman in the world. My passion is developing useful and pretty code. I also love anything to do with leadership and the wise use of words.

Currently I'm employed as a Code Wrangler with Automattic.

Previous to my employment with Automattic, I had my own business, Rough Smooth Engine and my main client was Event Espresso and Event Smart.  I also am the author/founder of the popular series plugin for WordPress, Organize Series.  You may also see me hanging around working on the WordPress Gutenberg Project (currently on the core team there).

10 replies on “Organize Series Icons (images) not saving… read on…”

Hello Darren,

I was having this issue in a site where icons had been saved with no issues for some time. After trying all the solutions posted here I was still having the issue, so I did some more research. After some hours spent debugging the issue, I found out that the problem, in my case, was this update_option I had added in my theme’s functions.php

update_option(‘image_default_link_type’, ‘none’ );

The issue happens when is set to ‘none’. If set to ‘file’ (the WordPress’ default) everything works fine again.

So, if someone is still having this issue it’d be worth checking if somewhere in their theme’s code the ‘image_default_link_type’ option is being set to none. Simply setting it to ‘file’ will clear the issue.

It’s worth saying that even if you don’t have this actual line of code, you should check for it in the database options table, because WordPress stores the value there if the option was ever passed, even if it’s no longer in the code. In that case, removing the row that stores this option, or setting the option_value to ‘file’ would solve the issue as well.

I hope this helps. Thank you. Cheers!

Did you try what Carles posted above? If his solution doesn’t work then I’ll need to know what version of Organize Series you are running and what version of PHP. Uploading Series images is working fine for me on all my sites so I need the steps to reproduce your problem.

Hi Darren, this is Lee, Soffia Wardy’s tech.

WP 3.7.1/ Organize Series 2.4.6/ Linux Apache/2.2.23 Unix mod_ssl/2.2.23 OpenSSL/1.0.0-fips mod_bwlimited/1.4 /

Carles Jove’s hint does not apply because our theme does not have the string update_option(‘image_default_link_type in ANY of its php files, verified via text string search.

I saw that only a relative path wp-content/uploads/path/to/image.jpg is getting saved, so I edited in phpmyadmin and added http://etc to achieve the full path, verifying the image actually exists, saved – no change.

I verified that the series ID visible in WP matches the series ID in the table in phpmyadmin.

We used Better WP Security once the site was up and running 100% to change the wp_ table prefix to a different one, so the name of the table is ourcustomstring_orgSeriesIcons. Thereafter I deactivated that plugin again.

I duplicated that table via phpmyadmin into its org name wp_orgSeriesIcons, and just for the heck of it also to orgSeriesIcons (no prefix). That did not change that icon images do not get saved.

I think that’s all I can do. Unless you know specific plugins Org. Ser. is incompatible with?

If you’re interested and have time to look into this issue, then I could arrange access to our test-site for you. Please let me know.

Thank you,

Hi Lee,
Organize Series 2.4.6 changed the name of the icons table and I had a script in place for modifying it automatically that hasn’t been working for some users.

So, to fix, just manually rename the table in the db from ‘orgSeriesIcons’ to ‘orgseriesicons’ (all lower case). You may have to rename to something like ‘orgseriesiconstemp’ as an intermediary step.

aha really? Don’t you write the exact opposite in your top-most post above? Well anyway thank you, will try when I’m awake, I already see 4 monitors even though I only have 2 .. °|°

Darren, your most current instructions (which are exactly 180° the opposite of what you write in your initial post) WORK..

I strongly recommend you correct the instructions on-top as follows:

database table name “orgseriesicons” = good (what organize series expects); “orgSeriesIcons” = bad/ not working

Thank you,

thanks for reporting back Lee. This post is old (relatively speaking), at the time the post was written (prior to Organize Series 2.4.6) being released it was valid. I’ll update the post with a link to my comment.

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