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Docs Update

I just updated the “Latest Series” and “Series List” help docs in the “Showing off your Series” series. These docs are accessible to anyone who has purchased any of the premium packages or one of the addons.


Upcoming at

Now that has been live for a few days, I thought I’d write you folks up a quick post to let you know about some of the things that are going to be seen on the site within the next few weeks.

Things like:

New Addons:

  • Extra Tokens:  this addon will provide extra tokens that you can use in the series templates so you can add even more series related information via the templates.  This addon will also integrate with other addons so you can add the new series features introduced by them to the templating system.
  • AudioPlayer Integration:  Audioplayer is probably the most well known WordPress plugin for adding a simple audioplayer to playing mp3 files on your website.   This addon will provide easy integration with audio player in all your series.  You can see it in action on my church website.
  • Shortcodes:  WordPress has a VERY powerful shortcode system.  What is a shortcode?  It is a way for plugins to integrate with the edit-post field so users can insert stuff the plugin does wherever they want in their post using a format similar to this [shortcode_action]Stuff you want to happen be interpreted…[/shortcode].  This addon will basically allow you to enter series information ANYWHERE in your post content when writing a post.
  • I’ll also be continuing work on Organize Series Grouping and adding some more features to it as a part of its ongoing development.

More Docs

I’ll be continuing to build out the help docs, and also have plans to add some screen-cast tutorials to

Affiliate Program

This will probably take a bit longer to appear but eventually I plan on offering an affiliate program of some sort for people who want to promote Organize Series in other locations.  This will give you a way to partner with OS in taking over the world…


Did you know that Organize Series and its add ons are all ready to be localized in different languages?  All I need are a few translators who can help with this project.  Eventually there will be a page devoted to this on but in the meantime if you would like to help with translating Organize Series, get in touch with us.  As a token of appreciation for this I will offer a free “All-Addons” package to translators who will keep Organize Series and all the addons up to date with their translations in a one year period.

Feel free to leave in the comments other things you’d like to see here on


And We’re LIVE!!

Wow!  This has been such a long time in the works that I have just an INCREDIBLE satisfaction in writing this post. is now open to the world and ready to start into an awesome journey of world domination…. well, not quite.

What is Organize Series” you ask?  It is a plugin that makes it SUPER SIMPLE to write posts/articles connected in series on your WordPress based website.  With 0 downloads, it is the most used Series plugin in the wild. has been created as the new home for anything Organize Series related and especially for the new eco-system of addons that can be used with Organize Series to extend it’s feature set even more!!

Does this mean you’re not hosting Organize Series on WordPress Extend anymore?”  Not at all!  In fact, I linked to the page to prove it.  The core Organize Series plugin will alway be offered for free to the WordPress community and will be kept up to date with new WordPress versions.  I’m just hoping that there will be enough of you supporting us through the purchase of the support package, and addons to help with the development costs for this plugin.

We’re still not completely done everything here but I’ve had so many requests for the updated core plugin that I decided to push what I could out.  You’ll see that the Download page is pretty bare and doesn’t have many addons available yet.  Rest assured that it won’t be that way for long.  I’ve already got three more addons waiting in the wings.  They just need to be polished up and recieve some more testing before they are ready to go.

Take a look around the site, read about the changes and keep writing those series!!