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Series Table of Contents

The Series Table of Contents page is where you’d display all of the series for your readers to browse.  Instead of being a list of posts belonging to a series, it is the list of actual series.

In the organize-series folder within your WordPress plugins folder, you’ll see a file called seriestoc.php.  That file is what gets loaded when you go to the series table of contents url (defaults to \series\ but this can be changed via the series options page).  It’s likely that the default layout doesn’t look great with your theme (the file included is a rough template for what can be done but by no means is designed to work well with all themes).  To more tightly integrate the appearance of this page with the rest of your theme:

  • copy the seriestoc.php file from the organize-series folder in your plugins folder to your active theme’s folder.
  • using another archive template in your theme as a base for containing html structure, modify the seriestoc.php file so it has a similar html structure for containing the content.  You do not need to put any of the WordPress loop code in this file.
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