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What is Organize Series CPT Support?

CPT stands for ” Custom Post Type” and this addon enables Custom Post Type support for Organize Series. Which means, with this addon, not only can you use series with WordPress posts, but you can also create series with pages, or any other WordPress Custom Post Type

So this means I can now use series with pages?

Yup!  Or any other custom post type that you may have active on your WordPress site.  Oh and you know what is even cooler?  The series can have parts  across different post types.  That means you could have part one that is a post, and part two that is a page, and part three that is a another post type…  Personally, I don’t really think it’s a great idea to have a series run across multiple post types but you can do it if you want.

What about the quick-edit on the edit.php page (for viewing the list of posts).  Will it work for pages and other post types?

Yes sir/ma’am.  All the stuff you are used to doing with posts can now be done with this addon active.

If I decide I don’t like this addon can I go back to using just Organize Series without the addon?

Yes.  But you could see some funky things happen with  your post types that are part of a series (especially if you decided to span series across different post types).

Um… I’ve activated this addon, and I’m not seeing the ability to add pages {or insert other post type here} to series.  Is it broken?

No,  more than likely you just haven’t visited the series options page (in the WP Settings menu of your WordPress admin).  At the top you’ll see some checkboxes next to the names of custom post types active on your WordPress website.  You just need to check the ones you want to use Organize Series with and then save the options and you’ll be good to go.

Speaking of the series options page,  I want to display series information for different post types differently.  Is this possible using the series template fields on the series options page?

At the moment, no.  That’s a good idea though (why didn’t I think of that?)!  Right now any changes you make in the series template fields will apply across all post types that Organize Series is being used with.  However, if you are php savvy (or know someone who is) you  can use the provided Organize Series template tags (functions) and some conditionals to change the output depending on what post type is being displayed.

Hey, I’m using Organize Series Multiples.  Will this work with it as well?

Yes, it most certainly will.  Just make sure you are using at least Organize Series Multiples 0.8+ because there is some special sauce added to the Multiples addon so custom support types work properly there.

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