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Basic Usage

The first question is probably the obvious, what is a token?  A  %token% is a specific format for indicating where you want series information to appear in any of the templates available on the Series Options Page.  An example of one of those templates is the

Series Post List Template (pictured to the left).  Notice in this example we have the %series_icon_linked%token.  When this template is used by the plugin, %series_icon_linked% will get replaced by the series icon for the displayed series, linked to the series archive for that series.

This is a powerful template system that really extends the possibility of how series information can be displayed on your website without having to edit any WordPress theme files.

The  Organize Series Extra Tokens adds more tokens to this system.  All you do is insert the tokens you wish to use in the template you want the related series/post information to display.

For example:  Say you wanted to show the post thumbnail next to each post listed in the “box” that shows all the posts belonging to the series.  All you would have to do is the following:

Notice where the  %post_thumbnail% token is?  You could put it after the %post_title_linked% token as well if you wanted to!

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