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What is this?

Organize Series groups posts together in series.  Organize Series Grouping gives the ability to put series together in groups!

Umm…so of what use is that?

One of the common case uses I’ve heard from people requesting this feature is the following:  Say you are using your blog to write a book over a bunch of posts.  The posts in each series are chapters in a book (chapter 1 is a post in a book).  This way people can easily navigate through the different chapters.  What if, however, the book is actually part of a series of books.  In this case you’d want a way to present the Books as a part of a group.  Aha!  This is where Organize Series Grouping would come in to solve the problem.

Why not just use categories?

That is actually something I often recommended to people when they requested this feature.  How this plugin differs from the default usage of categories however is it gives you the ability to group series together using a special taxonomy created just for series.  Pretty nifty actually.

So, how many “groups” can a series belong to?

Oh, this is another cool thing.  Series can belong to AS MANY GROUPS as you want them to!

Is it hard to use?

At this point, it is extremely easy to add series to groups.  You can either do it when creating a series OR you can use the “Quick Edit” feature on the “Manage Series” page and check off the “groups” that the Series belongs to.  There is also a “Manage Series Groups” page for adding, editing, and deleting existing series groups.

When it comes to displaying the series in their groups and laying out the information there is a little bit more work involved as of the latest version.  Inside the organize-series-grouping folder is a file labeled orgseries-grouping-template-tags.php.  Within this file are all the various tags that you can use to call and output the various Series Grouping data.  At the moment, if you are familiar with the WordPress theme system and basic php skills you should have no problem with displaying the grouping data.  However, it will be a bit challenging for someone looking for something right out of the box.

Don’t worry though, we still aren’t done with developing Organize Series Grouping, and as with all addons here on OrganizeSeries.com we are always working to improve them and make them easier to use.  We’re working on widgets, automatic group information, template pages etc.  When you purchase this addon you will receive all the updates along with access to usage docs for the length of your subscription.

So why release something if it’s not quite “easy to use” yet?

Here’s the thing.  The phrase “easy to use” is relative.  To someone who doesn’t code, or isn’t a developer, “easy to use” is a plugin that can be activated and just works with minimal to no opening of theme files etc.  However, to someone who does code, or is a developer, “easy to use” means it’s something that they can activate and can find what they need to do what they want to quickly (with options for extending the usage).  The thing is, some addons we will release a little bit sooner then normal because of the “hotness” factor.  In other words it’s something that has been requested over and over again by users (usually developers requesting features that they can add to client sites).  We’d rather get it out and give you the ability to use it and continue to work on improving it for those who don’t code than not release it at all.

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