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Setting Up Groups

The “Organize Series Grouping” Addon brings the ability of grouping series together.   The best way of understanding how this works is thinking of what you are able to do with posts.  When you write a post in WordPress, you have the option of assigning it to a category, tagging it, or with organize series – adding it to a series.  WordPress makes it easy to view all the posts in a particular category or tag.  Organize Series makes it easy for you to view all the posts in a particular series of connected posts.  If you think of categories as “groups” that means that when you posts to a group you are “grouping” them together.  Replace “posts” with “series” and now you’ll have an idea what Organize Series Grouping does.

All the “series group” management takes place on the Manage Series page (see screenshot below):

Notice that there has been a new column added to the series table labeled “Groups”.  In the highlighted example the  Organize Series Grouping Setup series has been added to the Add-on Organize Series Grouping, and the Setup Groups.   There are three ways you can add series to a group.  You can either add the series to a group (or multiple groups) when creating the series (see figure 2), or you can use the quick edit feature (see figure 3), or you can do it when you are using the full edit of a series (see figure 4). You can also use the quick-edit, or main-edit to change the groups a series belongs to.  Click on the images below to see examples:

Figure 2: Adding Series to a Group

Figure 3: Adding a series to a group via quick-edit

Figure 4: Adding a series to a Group via the Main Edit

How to Create new Groups

Creating and editing groups is really easy.  Just go to the “Manage Series Groups” page and create or edit a group.  Yup, that’s it.

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