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What is Organize Series Multiples?

It is an addon for Organize Series that provides the ability for authors to add posts to more than one series.  The core plugin only allows posts to be added to ONE series.  Multiples changes that.  Really it does.  You want to add that post to 5 series?  Go right ahead.

But won’t that mess up the series part numbering?

Nope,  series parts will be correctly calculated for all posts in the series you add the new post too.  It’s magical.  We’ve added some fairy dust to make sure that nothing get’s broken while you’re having fun trying to break things (*but sometimes our fairy intern doesn’t add enough dust, if something breaks let us know using the “Still Stuck” link below and we’ll replace the fairy).

What about the quick-edit on the edit.php page (for viewing the list of posts).  Can I still use it to add posts to series?

Yes. Yes. Yes.  AND, we’ve worked on the user interface so it makes sense.  As you can imagine, having this kind of power can be scary.  We made it not scary.

If I decide I don’t like this addon can I go back to using just Organize Series without the addon?

Well, yes and no.  You can, but your posts will lose all their series information (because multiples significantly changes the data structure of series when activated).  You will have to re-associate your posts with series again (the series will still be there, just the post->series connections will be lost).

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