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General Usage

If you are new to WordPress Shortcodes, we suggest reading the  WordPress shortcode docs to get a basic understanding of what a shortcode is before reading these usage docs.

Series shortcodes give you the ability to control the output of various series information within posts and pages.  To use you can either enter shortcodes manually when adding/editing a post/page using the shortcode format.  Some series shortcodes allow you to add parameters.

Visual Shortcode Buttons

HTML Shortcode Buttons

Another method of adding a series shortcode is to use the shortcode buttons.   The buttons with the advanced mce editor (Visual Tab) will provide a popup for adding the shortcode and are the easiest way to use shortcodes.  The buttons with the html editor (HTML tab) will insert the shortcodes but don’t enter any parameters.

All of the default actions for the series shortcodes (i.e. no paramaters), will automatically associate the outputted series information with the series the current post belongs to if it’s a part of a series.  If its not a part of a series then the results won’t be expected.

All of the series shortcodes (with the exception of the series navigation shortcode) also provide the option of choosing which series to display information for.  This is useful if you want to reference a particular series within a post or page (irrespective of whether that post is part of a series or not).

You can use more than one shortcode within a post or page!

It is recommended if you are using shortcodes that you may want to disable the uncheck the various automation options found in the series options page.

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