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shortcode: [post_list_box]

parameters: series

What it does: Outputs the list of posts in a particular series. The layout (style of the output) is determined by what you have in the “Series Post List Post Title Template” found on the Series Options page.


1. [post_list_box] (no parameters) – if the post you add this shortcode to is a part of a series, then the post list will be output for that series.

2. [post_list_box series={series_id}] – you can include the series id (replace {series_id} with the id) of a series you wish to output the post list for.  If you use the shortcode button via the “Visual” editor you will be able to easily select the series via a dropdown and the series id will automatically be filled in when the shortcode is created and inserted in your post/page

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