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shortcode: [series_nav][/series_nav]

parameters: none

What it does: Outputs the series navigation information for a particular series. This is the series navigation strip that automatically displays the next and previous post in a series (depending on how the template is set up). The default layout (style of the output) is determined by what you have in the “Series Post Navigation” template found on the Series Options page.


1. [series_nav] – if the post you add this shortcode to is a part of a series, then the series navigation will be output for that series using the default layout found on the “Series Post Navigation” template in the series options page.

 – [series_nav]%next_post%..........................%previous_post%[/series_nav]the content between the “series_nav” tags is what will be used for the custom series nav template instead of what is in the series options page.  You can use the %tokens% found in the legend on the series options page.  In this case, the custom series nav will be for the series the post (the shortcode is inserted into) belongs to.  If the post is not assigned to a series then you will not get expected results.
In this case if the series the post belongs to is “Cheesburgers” and the next post in the series is “Hamburgers” and the previous post is “PIzza”, the resulting output (when the post is rendered in the front end)  in this case would be:


Note you CAN use html to surround the custom series nav template but the html would have to be entered in via the HTML tab OR in the content box via the series_nav shortcode button in the visual editor.

Another neat trick would be to split up the shortcode using the %next_post% and %previous_post% tokens so you can display the links in totally different sections of the post.

For example:

[series_nav]Click here to go to %next_post%[/series_nav]

….post content here…

[series_nav]Click here to go to the %previous_post%[/series_nav]

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