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I have an idea for a feature…

“I have an idea for a feature, can you build it?”

Over the years in the life of Organize Series, we’ve received numerous requests for extra features for Organize Series and have done some custom development work for clients who have had the resources to pay for customizations.  Although we’ve received lot’s of great ideas, we simply have not had the time to code up all the features that people request without getting paid for it.

Some of these ideas have been made into extensions and are available via the extensions page. Occasionally we may look at adding features to the core plugin or existing extensions, or even creating a new extension but to set proper expectations, we don’t have a whole lot of time dedicated to Organize Series so if it’s something you need, your best course of action is to hire a developer to build it for you.

Feature Development Philosophy for Organize Series

In general, with Organize Series core, the goal is to keep the main plugin as lean as possible, containing the bare minimum needed for most users to easily manage their serial content.  This means that the majority of extra features people want will go into extensions for Organize Series.

For extensions, we follow the similar idea of keeping the extension functionality as lean as possible for accomplishing the main purpose of that extension.  This means that we try to group like functionality together in single purpose extensions for that functionality but any extra functionality that could stand on its own independently will be in created separately.  The goal is that there should be no dependency between extensions and the only dependency in the whole family will be on the main core plugin. So with that background, here’s some more info about getting new features into Organize Series.

If you have an idea for a feature that doesn’t exist in Organize Series Core (or any extensions) and there’s no critical timeline for seeing it implemented:

This will at least get your idea out there and bring it to ours (and others) attention.  If we see a lot of support for a feature in a thread/issue the likelihood of us eventually developing it into an extension (or maybe including it in existing extensions) is greater.

Typically speaking however, this method will not result in any quick action and unless we see a lot of requests for this feature (or it captures our interest) it will be low on our development priorities.

If you have an idea for a feature and there is a critical timeline for seeing it implemented:

We realize that sometimes people really want to use Organize Series (along with add-ons) because it gets them most of the way towards their needs but there’s that one bit of functionality it doesn’t do that would make t the perfect solution.  You don’t have time to wait for there to be enough generated interest and want to see it done soon.  If this is you, then the current options you have is to build it yourself (assuming you are a developer) or hire a developer to build it for you. Currently, there is no availability from us for custom development.

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