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Upgrading follows the same steps as  installing the plugin if you want to do it manually, however:

  • Before upgrading the core plugin or any add-on, I strongly suggest you take note of any changes you may have made on the series options page for customizing the layout/look of Organize Series before upgrading. I try to do my best to make sure any changes get imported successfully with updates but sometimes things happen unexpectedly and the options may get reset (which can understandably be frustration – believe me, it’s happened to me a couple of times over the years!). What I usually do is open a tab with the options and then conduct the upgrade from another tab. That way if something DOES go awry, I can just copy paste from the inputs I left open in the previous tab. Again, I test thoroughly before releasing an update but I simply cannot account for every possible hosting environment out there so resets can and sometimes do happen.
  • For Organize Series Core and add-ons your plugins page will notify you when you have an update.  You can simply follow the instructions for upgrading there.
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