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Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions are for the Organize Series plugins and all official extensions and they will be referred to for the rest of this document as the products.  The terms and conditions apply to the product collectively and individually (unless otherwise stated). The products are created, maintained and support by the company Rough Smooth Engine hereafter referred to as the owner.

1. Plugin Licensing

The products, unless otherwise stated, is licensed under the GNU General Public License (http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html) version 2.0 or later.

2. Warranty

The products distributed by the owner are done so in the hope they will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

Provided WordPress functions correctly on a clean install of itself, the products is guaranteed to function on a clean install of the minimum, stable and required version of WordPress for the product and the minimum required version of PHP (as stated for the product).  Extensions for the core plugin are guaranteed to function with the minimum required version of the core plugin (Organize Series core).

With there being such a large number of plugins and themes in the WordPress ecosystem, the owner does not guarantee that the plugin will function with all third-party plugins, themes or browsers of any kind.  The owner does not assume responsibility and will not be held responsible for any conflicts or compatibility issues that may occur due to third-party software. The owner assumes no responsibility for any data loss as a result of installing or using the product. Should conflicts occur with third-party software, the owner may provide support at their discretion.

3. Support

The owner distributes the products “as is” and with no implied meaning they will function exactly as you would like, or that they will be compatible with all third-party components and other WordPress plugins.

Support for any products is provided as the owner is available and not guaranteed via support channels outlined on the Organize Series website.

Support for the products is provided as long as the product is actively in development.  Should any one of the following occur, the owner will no longer provide any support for the products:

  • Organize Series Core or any extensions are no longer actively developed as viable products by the owner
  • The Organize Series website and the products or the owner or the parent company of the owner is purchased or bought out by another company.
  • WordPress is no longer actively developed.

Whilst the owner attempts to provide the best support possible for the products, there is no guarantee that any particular support request can, or will be answered to the extent, or with a timeframe that the enquirer is completely satisfied.

4. Product Delivery

The products are currently only distributed via WordPress.org and/or Github.

5. Automatic Updates

Automatic updates for Organize Series Core are available via the WordPress.org distribution channel. All other extensions do not have automatic updates provided (currently) and it is up to the owner of the site using the products to ensure they are kept up to date.

6. Ownership

The products are the property of the owner.  Claiming any type of intellectual or exclusive ownership rights of the owner’s products is strictly prohibited.

7. Website and Product Content

Any content found on this site and throughout the products including images, documentation, support queries and any other information is property of the owner and may not be redistributed without permission or consent.

8. Price Changes

The owner reserves the right to modify, change, cancel or upgrade a plugin subscription and/or license key without priori notice or consent.  Prices of all products are subject to change without priori notice or consent.

9. License Agreement

Usage of the products indicates consent that the user has read and agrees with the terms and conditions detailed on this page.  The owner reserves the right to change or modify the current Terms and Conditions without prior notice or consent.

10. Severability

If any part of this agreement is declared unenforceable or invalid, all remaining clauses in this agreement shall remain binding on the user.

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