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Latest Series and Series Icon

We’re going to conclude our look at the Series Options page in this post by looking at the “Latest Series” Template and the “Series Icon” Options.

Here’s what the “Latest Series Template” option field looks like:

This is the one template option that is not automatically added to your blog. The contents of this template control the output of the latest_series() function or the latest series widget. You can insert the latest_series()function wherever you want it to appear in your blog (manually into your theme files) or you can simply use the built in widget if you have widgets enabled for your theme.

This is how the default Latest Series output looks.

Of course like the other template options on the series options page  you can use different tokens to control the contents of the latest_series() output.  For instance you might want to use the %series_title% token to display the series title instead of the series icon.  In future versions of Organize Series I’ll be adding more tokens that you can use.

The series icon options is for controlling the width of the series icons in different places where they appear.  These are global values that are applied when the automatic insertion of series display related functions in your blog is enabled (default setting).  Here’s the Series Icons options:

Notice that the widths you enter are in pixels.  The height of the image will be be relative to the image’s original size and the ratio of the change between the original width and the one you enter in this section.  Notice, this does not resize the actual image file but simply affects the display size of the image (the numbers entered here are what Organize Series uses in the “width” parameter of the <img> tag).

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