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Series Meta Template

If you haven’t yet you’ll want to read about  automation settingstokens, and Templates before reading any further.  That will give you some needed background.

In this post I’m going to zero in on the Series Meta. What is the series meta? It’s basically an information strip you can associate with a post that belongs to a series for a quick overview of what part the post is, a total count of the posts in the series, and the name of the series the post belongs to. Of course what you actually put in the series meta is up to you!

Here’s what the template looks like:

And here’s the output on the blog:

Now in the case of the series-meta, it appears wherever the post that is a part of a series is displayed and the location of the output is controlled once again by the %postcontent% token.If you want to manually insert the series-meta template into your theme then you need to remove the %postcontent% token AND make sure the “Display series meta information with posts?” checkbox is unchecked.

Template Tags/Functions

Here’s the function you use to call the series-meta template (remember full documentation is found in the orgSeries-template-tags.php file):

  • wp_seriesmeta_write() – To use this in your theme make sure you echo it (i.e. <?php echo wp_seriesmeta_write(); ?>)
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