OrgSeries Grouping Installation

Remember that Organize Series Grouping is an addon for Organize Series so you want to make sure Organize Series is activated first.  Once that is done:

  • Once you’ve downloaded the archive file from here you can use your builtin WordPress Plugin manager to upload and install the plugin right from your WordPress Administration area
  • Once it is downloaded/installed activate the plugin.

That’s It!  Enjoy 🙂


OrgSeries Grouping Changelog

= 2.2 =

  • ensure compatibility with WordPress 3.2
  • Fixed Filter dropdown not listing groups in the manage_series screen
  • -switched usage of jquery .live() to .on() b/c .live() is deprecated in jquery 1.7

= 2.1 =

WordPress 3.2 compat and bugfix

  • In doing a review for WordPress 3.2 compatibility it was noticed that the “quick edit” feature on the manage-series page was broken.  It’s fixed now.

= 2.0 =

Backend Work

  • The automatic upgrade feature has been updated to a new framework. (plugins are now hosted on Amazon)

= 1.9 =

Bugfix Release

  • fixes some PHP errors (ht janrozehnal)
  • Fixes certain cases where activating organize-series-grouping would remove all posts from existing categories
  • Other typos and minor errors fixed

= 1.8 =

Bug Fix and Feature

  • this version fixes a bug on the “Manage Series Groups” page.  If a group had no series associated with it, the series column would still show a count of 1.  This has been corrected.
  • NEW FEATURE: hierarchical groups.  Technically, this was already available since version 1.5 but was just not active in the bundled functions.  You can see the changes in the [cce]get_series_groups()[/cce] function (with new inline docs) found in the [cce]orgseries-grouping-template.php[/cce] file.
  • The query used for getting groups from the db has been restructured which should make things more efficient.
  • A page template file for the WordPress Twenty Ten theme has been bundled with Organize Series groups to give an example on how to create a groups table of contents page.  You can find this file in ‘organize-series-grouping/theme/twenty-ten/groups-template.php’.

= 1.7 =

Bug Fix Release

  • fixes group count not updating
  • resets group_count to number it should be
  • cleans up any bad database entries for users that had a lot of groups resulting in a PHP timeout in previous version upgrade.
  • if you had any problems with the last upgrade, this should fix it BUT you may still have to reassociate some of your series with groups. sorry for that. Going forward there should be no more problems.

= 1.6 =

Major Update

This release is a structure change that enables much more flexibility in adding features down the road.  It’s VERY important you backup your database before upgrading to this version in case anything goes wrong.

  • This release converts the usage of the category taxonomy for series_groups to a new “series_group” taxonomy.  When you activate this version it will automatically import all the existing category groups into the new taxonomy.  If all goes well, you won’t have to do any manual adjustments to re-add your series to the new group system as that will be handled by the import.
  • A new “Manage Series Groups” page has been added so you can add, edit, or delete existing groups.  This page will also list how many series are in a group.
  • with WordPress 3.1+ – the count of series on the “Manage Series Groups” page is linked to the manage series page and when clicked you will just see a list of series in that group.
  • with WordPress 3.1+ – the “Manage Series” page now has a filter drop down selection field so you can filter the series displayed by group.  Really handy for when you want to have a quick look at what series you have in a group without having to scan the entire list of series.
  • Organize Series Grouping is fully compatible with the upcoming WordPress 3.1
  • some minor bug fixes.

= 1.5 =

Major Bug Fix

  • This release fixes get_series_group_list() which wasn’t working as expected
  • Also corrects a deprecated function (get_series_permalink() should have been get_series_link())

= 1.4 =

– some minor fixes primarily affecting certain cases where an updated addon is added before a required version of the core Organize Series plugin

= 1.3 =

Implementation of Automatic Upgrades (click the link to learn more about how they work).

= 1.2 =

  • fixes a query that wasn’t setup correctly for the “get_series_groups()” function.

= 1.1 =

  • just a cleanup of deprecated functions and non-declared variables.

= 1.0 =

  • Initial release of addon

Organize Series Grouping FAQ

What is this?

Organize Series groups posts together in series.  Organize Series Grouping gives the ability to put series together in groups!

Umm…so of what use is that?

One of the common case uses I’ve heard from people requesting this feature is the following:  Say you are using your blog to write a book over a bunch of posts.  The posts in each series are chapters in a book (chapter 1 is a post in a book).  This way people can easily navigate through the different chapters.  What if, however, the book is actually part of a series of books.  In this case you’d want a way to present the Books as a part of a group.  Aha!  This is where Organize Series Grouping would come in to solve the problem.

Why not just use categories?

That is actually something I often recommended to people when they requested this feature.  How this plugin differs from the default usage of categories however is it gives you the ability to group series together using a special taxonomy created just for series.  Pretty nifty actually.

So, how many “groups” can a series belong to?

Oh, this is another cool thing.  Series can belong to AS MANY GROUPS as you want them to!

Is it hard to use?

At this point, it is extremely easy to add series to groups.  You can either do it when creating a series OR you can use the “Quick Edit” feature on the “Manage Series” page and check off the “groups” that the Series belongs to.  There is also a “Manage Series Groups” page for adding, editing, and deleting existing series groups.

When it comes to displaying the series in their groups and laying out the information there is a little bit more work involved as of the latest version.  Inside the “organize-series-grouping” folder is a file labeled “orgseries-grouping-template-tags.php”.  Within this file are all the various tags that you can use to call and output the various Series Grouping data.  At the moment, if you are familiar with the WordPress theme system and basic php skills you should have no problem with displaying the grouping data.  However, it will be a bit challenging for someone looking for something right out of the box.

Don’t worry though, we still aren’t done with developing Organize Series Grouping, and as with all addons here on we are always working to improve them and make them easier to use.  We’re working on widgets, automatic group information, template pages etc.  When you purchase this addon you will receive all the updates along with access to usage docs for the length of your subscription.

I’ve been waiting for something like this for a while but I’m not sure I’ll be able to figure out how to use it on my own…what can I do?

We recommend that you purchase the Basic Support package that we offer along with this addon.  With the Basic Support package you gain access to the forums where you will get excellent help with implementing the plugin on your site.  For addons that are still not quite where we’d like them in the “ease of use” category we amp up the response to questions about using them.

So why release something if it’s not quite “easy to use” yet?

Here’s the thing.  The phrase “easy to use” is relative.  To someone who doesn’t code, or isn’t a developer, “easy to use” is a plugin that can be activated and just works with minimal to no opening of theme files etc.  However, to someone who does code, or is a developer, “easy to use” means it’s something that they can activate and can find what they need to do what they want to quickly (with options for extending the usage).  The thing is, some addons we will release a little bit sooner then normal because of the “hotness” factor.  In other words it’s something that has been requested over and over again by users (usually developers requesting features that they can add to client sites).  We’d rather get it out and give you the ability to use it and continue to work on improving it for those who don’t code than not release it at all.

For more on our support and return policies go to the Organize Series FAQ page.